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Elevators, multiple-patient bedrooms, hallways, and windows all share something. All of them are often furnished or protected by things made by Inpro Architectural Products

The building types most often served by InPro merchandise are retail, restaurant, senior living, stadiums, healthcare facilities, education-based buildings, hospitality, airports, and other commercially based buildings. They also furnish a host of government buildings and all their different faculties. 

Abut InPro

InPro Architectural Products was launched in 1979 in Muskego Wisconsin, manufacturing high-performance architectural products for commercial and industrial buildings. Throughout the years, they’ve incrementally added to their product base to cover (or furnish) different building applications.

They manufacture products that provide door and wall protection, washroom furnishings and accessories, cubicle and privacy curtains, commercial window treatments, architectural signage, elevator interiors, and joint expansion systems. InPro became a member of the United States Green Building Council in 1995.

As of 2022, they have 5 locations across the United States, 2 in Europe, 1 in the Middle East, and 2 more in Asia. They work forward and strive to remain on the cutting edge of product development and the most recently accessible technology.

Products Available from InPro

In this article, we’re going to expand on InPro’s protective wall sheets and its bumper and handrails. However, their catalog stretches far beyond these items. 

Wall sheets and bumpers aside, InPro Architectural Products also manufactures:

  • Cubicle curtains
  • Shower Curtains
  • Privacy Curtains
  • Shower Accessories
  • Bedspreads
  • Portable Room Dividers
  • Window Treatments
  • Window Shades
  • Shower Bases, Walls, and Partitions
  • Toilet Partitions
  • Grab Bars
  • Soap Dishes
  • Shower Seats
  • Floor and Wall Expansion Systems
  • Compression Seals
  • Foam Seals
  • Fire/Moisture Barriers
  • Parking Facility Protection
  • Architectural Signage
  • Elevator Interiors including wall guards and handrails

Most of the items listed above have substantial sub-groups of lower-tier products. Some of which could be rails, bracketry, disposables, and more. 

InPro Door Cladding and Wall Protection Products

InPro has an extensive selection of wall protective coverings, each with different styles and purposes, but all enhance the look and feel of a structure. 

Palladium Rigid Sheet Wall Protection

The Palladium Rigid Sheets are InPro’s most popular product. These sheets are made from either vinyl or G2 BioBlend (a PVC-free type of material). 

Included in the Palladium product line are rigid sheets, baseboard panels, 3D trim, faux metal-aluminum or stainless-steel trim pieces, rolled rigid sheets, rigid sheet trim, rub rails, recycled material sheets, and rigid wall sheet coverings. These are available in over 70 solid colors, 50 patterns, 21 wood grain patterns, and three metallic patterns. 

Aspex Printed Wall Protection

This line of wall covering is made from PETG, which is durable and does a good job withstanding high impacts. The image that is printed on the material is behind the clear PETG, keeping the colors safe and images sharp and clean for years to come. 

What’s key about this line is how customizable it is. The customer is in complete control of the images they’d like to have on display. Be it patterns, photos, or artistic designs, InPro will print it on the back of these coverings for a seamless display. They lonely ask to ensure that you have the legal right to use any images. If not, then you can still choose from their selection of patterns. 

The Aspen Series has 6 categories of patterns to choose from. They are Prairie, Interstellar, Inkling, Entwine, Drift, and Bloom. 

Ricochet Flexible Wall Protection

There are circumstances in a building’s design that call for rugged wall protection, yet also needs to be aesthetically pleasing. This is what the Ricochet Flexible Wall Protection line is meant to accomplish. 

The wall coating can reach thicknesses of up to .04” thick, granting a tough and durable outer surface. Cleaning agents and chemicals common to healthcare environments do no damage to this coating at all and are resistant to many other types of chemicals. 

Essentially, this product is installed similarly to wallpaper and can be finished off with Ricochet trim pieces. 

Continuum Wall Protection

If an indoor space requires industrial-strength wall protection, Continuum Wall Protection is the right choice. These panels are .08” thick and made from low-emitting fiberglass-free plastic material. 

These panels are moisture-resistant, fungal and bacterial-resistant, and impact resistant. The material keeps well in any environment- cold, hot, dry, or wet. These panels are available in 4 colors. 

Prism Wall Cladding Panels

When an environment needs to be as sterile as possible, Prism Wall Coverings are there to provide the utmost hygienic standards. These panels block and prevent the growth of mold and mildew, and are cleaned with ease. 

These are available in 31 colors and patterns and are class 1A fire rated. Cleanliness notwithstanding, these are also very tough panels that can take the abuse of busy environments.

Stainless Steel Prefabricated Wall Panels

Polished stainless steel gives a sharp and professional look to any environment. You don’t get much tougher than stainless steel and it is often the material of choice in kitchens, cafeterias, operating rooms, and other high-traffic spaces. Polished and diamond plate varieties are available.


InPro has a large selection of handrails available, 25 different styles to be exact. Along with a good variety of styles comes your choice of materials. They are aluminum, G2 Bioblend, metal, powder-coated aluminum, rigid vinyl, solid wood, and stainless steel. 

Other options to choose from are colors, heights, wall distance to the front edge, ligature resistance, antimicrobial or not, and bariatric or not. There are enough variants to choose from that you can wind up with the handrail that you’ve been looking for with ease.

How Do InPro Architectural Products Differ from their Competition?

This company exudes the willingness to be as green as possible, and as thorough as possible. It beams through their literature, website, and online catalog. They have a sense of being extremely community-minded yet remain a worldwide entity. 

Some of their products like the Aspex Printed Wall Panels leave the palette completely open for the customer. Thus, enabling said customer to insert whatever they want (within legal limits) to be covering their walls. This idea is great for the creatively minded interior decorator or business owner, and a relatively unique factor that you can’t find among a lot of manufacturers. 

Where Can One Find InPro Products?

InPro products can be found in nearly every type of commercial, state, federal, or industrial space. Just a few buildings of note would be:

  • Ascension St. Vincent Campus
  • Taunton State Hospital – MRAP Units
  • Our Lady of the Lake Children’s Hospital
  • Children’s National Health System
  • Cleveland Clinic – Abu Dhabi
  • Colby College Athletics Center
  • Mayville High School
  • Texas A&M University
  • University of North Carolina – Charlotte
  • Purdue University Earhart Hall
  • European Spallation Source (ESS)
  • Tacoma Art Museum
  • St. Vincent De Paul Family Resource Center
  • World Trade Center
  • Pro Basketball Training Center
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