You’ve seen them at playgrounds, schools, libraries, and lining parking lots almost everywhere you go. When you see an attractive or playful-looking row of bike racks, there’s a good chance that it’s a Dero. 

Dero bike racks have been on the streets for quite some time now, and are filling the ever-growing need to store bikes safely and securely while adding to the appeal of the area’s streetscape. 

Some Info About the Dero Company

Dero Bike Racks was launched in March of 1995 and is still running strong at their home site in Minneapolis, MN. Between the 90s and now, Dero has stretched its regional offices across the United States, boasting 9 in total. 

Though the company operates as its own entity in many ways, Dero was purchased and placed under the umbrella of a company called PlayCore back in 2012, having been included in PlayCore’s EverActive Brands division.  

What is PlayCore?

PlayCore is an umbrella company to a host of manufacturers that focus on playgrounds, and recreational environments. This includes but is not limited to climbing walls, play areas, fitness spaces, surfacing, bike parking, site furnishings, splash pads, spectator seating, dog parks, and aquatic centers, to name a few examples of where PlayCore focuses its product base.

You can learn more about PlayCore on their website.

Dero’s Manufactured Products

Dero produces all kinds of commercial bike-racking systems, many of which will be expanded upon in this section. However, they do cater their products to all things bike related. Signage, pumps, bike storage lockers, tool kits, shelters, and bike repair accessories, all have prominence in their product line.

Commercial Bike Racks

With a name that was “Dero Bike Racks” when they first launched, you’d expect a good variety of racks to choose from. Well, Dero does not disappoint in this department. 

Wherever or whenever there is a need to park bicycles, Dero has a solution at the ready to fill the need. Dero has 32 standard models of bike racking systems to choose from, some of which can be modified with the inclusion of signs or logos. 

Fun Looking Bike Racks

When you look at their options, it becomes easy to see why PlayCore brought them into their fold. A good portion of the styles that Dero brings to the table is bright, and colorful and bring out a playful appearance, using creative designs and large radiused, thick tubing. 

You can easily imagine a lot of these models such as the Hi Roller, Icon Hitch, Type Rider Racks, and their variety of Hoop Racks, in any playground, school, or recreational environment. 

Bike Racks for Fit and Function

Many places require bike rack systems to be able to hold a lot of bicycles in a small amount of space. High Schools, Malls, and Supermarkets, often require this kind of solution to cater to those who arrive on bicycles. 

Dero Keeps things looking fun and user-friendly through their Campus Rack system, which can hold up to 11 bikes within a 12’ length of space. Another great solution they provide is the Cycle Stall Elite, which holds up to 14 bikes and is built to fit within a 22’ parking stall. 

Short-Term Bike Rack Systems

Dero has a good number of temporary solutions for temporary events. Short-term bike rack systems are typically manageable, collapsible, or otherwise broken down for easier storage when not being used. 

Some of their products like the U-Lock It, Compact Rack, and Event Rack are great all-around racking systems for such situations and are freestanding, not having to be mounted or secured into place as permanent racks would be. 

Commercial Indoor Bike Racks

Bike shops, dealerships, or department stores, are places where you may find some of Dero’s indoor bike rack solutions. Products like the Bike File, Dero Decker, Dero Duplex, and the Ultra Space Saver Squared, are all solutions for indoor multiple bike rack needs.  

For indoor single bike racks, there is the Switchback, Wall Rack, Ultra Space Saver Single, and the Bike Hook Solo. 

Custom Bike Racks

The Custom Bike Rack option allows the customer’s creative ideas to be at the forefront of the system’s design. These racks are created using none of the standard existing racks, but begin with a blank slate and can be whatever shape or design a customer might want. 

Dero professionals ensure that the design is buildable and equally effective as a bike rack. Aside from that, it’s the customer’s design, creativity, and ideas. 

What Makes Dero Stand out from Its Competition?

What makes Dero stand out from amongst its competition is its creative flair incorporated into its products. Color schemes, shape, fit and function, overall design, and variety, all bring a fresh appeal to bicycle storage and security. 

Product Diversity and Modifications

The options available for their standard products 

They have a decent selection of colors to choose from, including 20 standard powder coat colors. However, they can match over 250 custom colors when the job calls for it. Stainless Steel constructions are also available. The material is 304 Stainless sporting a polish that will last for a good long time. 

They also offer three different mounting styles for the majority of their products. They are surface mount (metal flange anchored to the ground), in-ground mount (rack is embedded into a concrete or blacktop surface), or a rail mount (racks are bolted to rails running under the unit. It can be left freestanding or anchored into the surface). 

Though this article revolved around Dero’s bike rack systems, they have other products that make them special within the industry, among which are their bike shelters and bike lockers. These structures are meant to keep bicycles free from harm that may come from the weather, animals, or the two-legged dangers that may encroach on one’s bike- like theft or vandalism. These are built to either accommodate several bikes (which are best for businesses) or what one would expect for a home (one or two bikes).

Where to Find Dero Products

The quick answer to this question would be that you’d find Dero’s products anywhere bike-specific. Bike rooms, bike shops, college campuses, on-street parking or other streetscapes, vehicular parking meters (the Meter Hitch to be more specific), parks or other recreational areas, pre or grade schools, libraries, shopping areas, department stores that sell bicycles, and so forth. 
Aside from their commercial lines, they do have several bike racks for the home as well. If you’d like to check out more from Dero and see more specifics about their product, you can find them on the Dero website.

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