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If you’re looking for an American-made product to offer customers, you’ll find it in General Partitions Manufacturing Corporation. They fabricate and manufacture all kinds of commercial restroom products, and also some that you’d find in a locker room. 

In this article, we’re going to have a closer look at the business in general (no pun intended) and also have a look at what they’ve got going on in the toilet partition arena. Though they have other products that might not be considered restroom related, we’ll keep our focus on their contributions to commercial restrooms. 

About General Partitions Manufacturing Corporation

For nearly 60 years General Partitions Manufacturing Corporation has been furnishing restrooms with everything from toilet partitions to privacy dividers, to the various accessories that we customers often take for granted (until it’s missing). 

They first opened their doors in 1965 in Eerie, Pennsylvania, and have been involved in the commercial bathroom industry on multiple levels. Even after accomplishing worldwide success, they have remained a privately owned and operated business. 

Products Available from General Partitions

The toilet partitions available from General Partitions are carved up into five top-tier sections, all based on this material type. They are Powder Coated Steel, Stainless Steel, Solid Phenolic Core, High-Density Polymer (HDPE), And Solid Phenolic Core.

Each of these overall tiers is broken down into sub-categories that hinge on mounting styles, sizes, hardware, and finish/color. 

Powder Coated Steel

Each of the panels and doors is bonded and pressed to sound-deadening Ribcore, doubling as a panel stabilizer and a core. When a panel is complete, it should be about 1” thick.

The steel material used is galvanized-Bonderized. Bonderized steel is superior to regular spangled galvanized steel because it is processed through a phosphate bath, creating a surface that holds to paint better than it would otherwise. This process is what gives this material the nickname “paint-grip” steel. 

General Partitions offers its powder-coated units in all of the four most popular mounting types. There are 21 standard colors and textured colors to choose from, and special powder color matching is available.

Stainless Steel

Similarly, to the powder-coated units, stainless steel toilet partitions have a Ribcore core, adhered to the inside of either panel skin during panel construction. The finished panel is 1” thick. 

The satin-finished #304 stainless steel is delivered poly covered to remove the risk of scratches or marring the finish, to be removed either upon or post final assembly.  The stainless-steel option is available to be hung from any of the four popular mounting styles. 

Solid Phenolic Core (S.P.C.)

The solid phenolic core toilet partitions offer a greater palette for colors and patterns while remaining completely water resistant and can be cleaned via steam, soaps, or detergents, without concerns about creating damage or material separation. 

This product is available in all four of the popular mounting styles. The panels and doors are .5” thick and the pilasters are .75” thick. 

High-Density Polymer (HDPE)

HDPE is well known to be a great choice in environments that most would consider not the best. High-traffic public areas or otherwise areas prone to graffiti or vandalism are perfect scenarios to go with an HDPE toilet partition. 

HDPE naturally resists bacteria, preventing them from reproducing and spreading. This plastic won’t absorb odors, nor is it affected by water, or dampness, and resists mold and mildew. The colors run throughout the thickness of the material, meaning that scratches will not alter the finished appearance of a panel or door. 

Panels and doors are 1” thick, and pilasters are also 1” thick. All four popular mounting styles are available with the HDPE units. 

Color-Thru Solid Phenolic Core

All of the value that you’d get with the black core phenolic units come with this style, but you get the advantage of the solid color running through the material. This helps to conceal scratches or imperfections that may occur over time through regular use. 

The Color-Thru Solid Phenolic Core toilet partitions are available in all four popular mounting styles. There are 15 colors available with this partition type, and General Partitions recommends that a customer request a sample piece to ensure that the color is what they are expecting to receive. 

The phenolic panels and doors are made with .5” thick material, and the pilasters are .75” thick. 

Eastern Style- Make the Request

Eastern Style and Eastern Max Style are available as an option for any of the above toilet partition tyles. This option offers the greatest levels of privacy, making the standard “American Style” partitions more like those that would be found across the sea: more private, with fewer or no sightlines at all.

The Eastern Style has 67” tall panels and doors that are hung 3.5” up from the floor. The Eastern Max Style is made from 72” doors and panels and is also hung 3.5” up from the floor. As an option, this style comes with overlapping (shiplap) doors that completely remove sightlines, as well as a continuous hinge, also taking up sightline space.  

Toilet partitions are only one branch attached to the General Partitions tree. Here are some of their other products.

  • Urinal Screens
  • Shower Stalls
  • Dressing Compartments
  • Solid Plastic HDPE Lockers
  • Vanities
  • Health Barriers
  • A large Selection of Hardware and Restroom Accessories

What Makes General Partitions Manufacturing Corp Different from the Rest?

There is one thing that they do that needs to be included because it’s such a nugget of help that other companies have left by the wayside. General Partitions have taken the time to have videos included on its site. 

In this section, you get to learn a bit more about the business, walk-throughs, installation videos, how-to’s (like how to use the order configurator), and other chunks of useful information. As it turns out, this company is also unique in not having an “About Us” section but is compensated for via its video section. 

So, if you’re a would-be customer wanting to get to know the company a bit, head to General Partitions Video Library in their “Information” section.

Where Would One Expect to See Products from General Partitions?

General Partitions have stalls for any occasion and is possible to find them anywhere there may be a commercial restroom. Shopping centers, office buildings, schools, public transportation stations, arenas, or restaurant chains could all be harboring products manufactured by General Partitions.

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