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Granite State Specialties supplies and installs all major brands and types of specialty lockers, including but not limited to locker room lockers, police room lockers, and country club lockers.

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Supply & Installation of Commercial Lockers

Let us simplify things. We supply and install locker systems of all makes, models, and materials. Granite State Specialties has been supplying and installing custom lockers throughout New England and the United States for over 30 years. We’re proud to be an industry-leading construction specialties company located in the great state of New Hampshire. Our skilled OSHA-trained installers can install both union and non-union jobs.

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Headquartered in New England, Servicing Nationwide.


Our team of experienced estimators is focused on offering the most accurate and high-quality estimating service available. GSS performs all takeoffs in-house and works with all top vendors to provide quick and competitive pricing.

Project Management

Leave the hassle of project management to the experts at GSS. Our knowledgeable project managers have years of experience in the industry and will manage the project from site readiness through installation.


Our OSHA-trained installers have decades of experience installing Construction Specialties, ranging from toilet partitions on wall street in New York City to window shades at the Federal Reserve in Boston, Massachusetts.

Fully Insured + OSHA Trained Installers


We supply and install all types of lockers, benches, and shelving including but not limited to the following:

  • Commercial lockers
  • Stadium locker room lockers
  • Apartment complex lockers
  • School corridor lockers
  • Athletic locker room lockers
  • Country club lockers
  • Police locker room lockers
  • Police station lockers
  • Police locker room lockers
  • Custom metal lockers
  • Custom sport lockers
  • Custom wood lockers
  • Custom plastic lockers
  • Rustproof lockers
  • Security cage lockers
  • Parcel lockers
  • Amazon lockers
  • Smart lockers
  • UPS lockers
  • FedEx lockers
  • Locker room lockers


We supply and install a vast array of toilet partition products, including:

  • Metal lockers
  • Solid HDP plastic lockers
  • Phenolic lockers
  • Plastic laminate lockers
  • Wood lockers
  • Stainless steel lockers


Working with trusted and reputable brands matters. We’re proud to have relationships and experience working with the following premium locker manufacturers:

Why GSS?

We’re proud of our unparalleled customer service, knowledge, and experience working in the construction specialty industry. With a longstanding, proven track record of success throughout New Hampshire, Boston, and the rest of New England, we are the trusted choice for supplying and installing commercial lockers and locker systems.