Hollman Lockers

Lockers for whatever purpose set the tone of what kind of space you’re moving through. You wouldn’t want storage lockers that belong in a high school locker room lining the walls of a cutting-edge office building, right?

Hollman, Inc. has taken measures to ensure that its lockers fit the décor of a building’s design, to not stick out like a sore thumb, nor draw unwanted attention. They’ve done this by taking the type of industry or building involved, the solutions that are required, and what kind of materials could be used to be an attractive addition to a space. 

In this article, we’ll have a look at what options are available with Hollman lockers. Right away, we’ll have a look at four available parent materials- wood, glass, laminate, and phenolic. 

Hollman Locker Materials

As aforementioned, there are primarily four types of panel materials that are available through Hollman. Each has its own set of patterns and colors, strengths and weaknesses, and pros and cons. 

Hollman Wood Lockers

The Hollman line of wood lockers is unavoidably for a high-end locker room. The wood paneling in concert with the high caliber finish gives them a more “furniture” type appearance rather than a “locker room” appearance. 

The doors are 1” thick and are available in single-tier, multi-tier, and z-style lockers. Mahogany, cherry, walnut, red oak, and maple, are among the wood types available for these lockers. 


There are 21 finish options available covering light stains, dark stains, and every shade in between. Custom colors are available, and there are also four interior colors to choose from. 

However, Hollman uses a UV coating system, rather than traditional pre-catalyzed lacquers or conversion varnishes. The UV coating system increases the hardness values, prolonging the lifespan of the finished product.

Hollman Glass Lockers

Glass doored lockers add a contemporary or modern flair to a more energetic space. These can remain single-tier or be stacked multi-tier. 

Hollman glass locker doors are made from ¼” thick low iron, high clarity, tempered glass, and use soft closing hinges. The “box” of the locker is constructed out of wood bearing an almond, white, black melamine, or gray finish.


The glass can come bearing their standard colors, but Hollman can match glass color to any Pantone color that compliments a structure’s current design and color scheme. Standard glass color sets come in 9 colors for their opaque sets, and have three semi-transparent colors to choose from.

Hollman Laminate Lockers

Laminate is historically a low maintenance, tough and durable option when it comes to locker systems. Lockers made from laminate can withstand heavy daily use and would complement high user-traffic areas. 

Hollman offers smooth and textured laminates, using coordinated edge banding to maintain a uniform and attractive appearance. These can come in single-tier, multi-tier, and z-style patterns. 


Hollman laminate lockers have two finish options available- textured or smooth. All 7 of the textured finishes resemble wood grains, each bearing its stain-color tone. 

The smooth laminate finishes offer a seemingly unlimited array of options. Wilsonart, Formica, and Nevamar are three suppliers of laminates to Hollman, and each company provides an array of colors to their lines of smooth laminate. 

There are four interior colors available which are almond, gray, white, and black. 

Hollman Phenolic Lockers

Do your storage needs reside in an outdoor setting, or a damp, wet area? Not a problem. Hollman phenolic lockers are built to tough through the outdoor weather variances or the moist, damp environment of a pool house.

Hollman phenolic locker systems have rugged ½” doors and end panels, which are graffiti and permanent marker resistant. These come as single-tier, multi-tier, and z-style units. 

The hidden hinge design maintains a modern, sleek appearance. It should be noted that out of all of the materials listed in this article, phenolic has the most locking mechanism options.

Phenolic is a corrosion-resistant material that is also resistant to bending, bowing, and scratching, and stands well against impact. 


Hollman phenolic lockers come in 16 finishes, which are a combination of smooth finishes and textures. The textures are meant to resemble wood or marble-type grain, which helps to resist fingerprint smears. 

Though there are 16 standard finishes, Hollman offers a wide range of options in accordance with Formica selection availability. 

Phenolic Bench Tops

Aside from the lockers themselves, what’s the most important piece of furniture in a changing-type locker room? Someplace to sit! 

Hollman offers phenolic benches to complement their phenolic locker sets, but that’s not to say that you have to have phenolic lockers to purchase their benches. Hollman would have no issue selling their phenolic benches to a customer who would like them with their glass, wood, or laminate locker systems. 

They would use the same materials being used for the actual phenolic lockers making them a perfect match, which might be trickier with other system materials. 

Lock Types Available

Not every material type uses every lock option, as some won’t work as well as others would, pending the material. The following list will tell you the locker lock mechanism type followed by the available material. 

  • Keyless1 keyless lock system: Wood, Glass, Laminate, Phenolic
  • Zephyr 3310 locks: Phenolic Only
  • Digilock locks: Wood, Glass, Laminate
  • Padlock Hasps for personally supplied locks: Wood, Glass, Laminate, Phenolic
  • Keyed Locks: Wood, Phenolic
  • Built-in Combination Locks: Phenolic Only

A Quick Look at Hollman, Inc.

Hollman has provided locker systems to as many sports organizations as you can think of, including the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB. They cater to their customers, covering an array of solutions for whatever the building type or occupation. 

At the time of this article’s creation, Hollman employs over 150 employees stretched across three locations in the USA. Travis Hollman is currently the Chief Executive at Hollman, which has been in business for over 45 years and is the world’s largest locker manufacturer. 

Their lockers are made in the USA, and the company is based out of Irving, Texas. An interesting thing available on their website hollman.com is their quoting process. You can make a series of selections to more easily specify your requirements and desires, ultimately creating the product you’re looking for. 

Final Thoughts

As the saying goes, “variety is the spice of life.” When you can create a variety of options in terms of a blend of décor vs function regarding locker systems, the sky’s the limit. Hollman has taken advantage of this touch of class mingled with function and has flourished for it. 

Regardless of what you’d need a set of lockers for, what kind of environment they’d be sitting in, or the intended flavor a space is supposed to provoke, Hollman has a solution to accommodate.