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Granite State Specialties (GSS) is New England's (and Beyond!) leading supplier and installer of commercial bathroom partitions, urinal screens, shower stalls, and more.

Headquartered in New England, Servicing Nationwide.

Our Process


Our team of experienced estimators is focused on offering the most accurate and high quality estimating service available. GSS performs all takeoffs in house and works with all top vendors to provide quick and competitive pricing.

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Project Management

Leave the hassle of project management to the experts at GSS. Our knowledgeable project managers have years of experience in the industry and will manage the project from site readiness through installation.

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Our OSHA trained installers have decades of experience installing Construction Specialties, ranging from toilet partitions on wall street in New York City to the window shades at the Federal Reserve in Boston, Massachusetts.

Sales and Installations of Bathroom Partitions

Leave it to us. We'll get your product shipped to a readied project site and safely installed in a timely manner. To ensure the safety of your next project, our toilet partition installers have a minimum of 30 hours of OSHA training. We're ready to make the most vital part of any commercial space function seamlessly with our individualized restroom partition solutions. We offer a wide variety of partitions including urinal privacy partitions, bathroom stall partitions, and restroom entrance screens.

Featured Brands

We supply and install all major brands of toilet partitions including but not limited to the following:
Privada is one of the leading manufacturers of bathroom and toilet solutions. The company aims to create purpose-made toilet partitions to suit your property. Privada is famous for manufacturing a full line of toilet partitions.
One of the few manufacturers offering glass partitions, Thrislington is always innovating, simplifying, and ensuring that their cubicles are the best that money can buy.
The patented system, with its use of Corian® Solid Surface and stainless steel hardware resulted in a design that is THE choice for the most demanding environments. At the same time, this system delivers an upgrade in aesthetics to compliment the most discriminating spaces.
Unistrut Available - Supply & Installation of Unistrut
Floor Mounted Overhead Braced Partitions

Overhead Braced

Floor to Ceiling Partitions

Floor to Ceiling

Ceiling Hung Partitions

Ceiling Hung

Full Privacy Partitions

Full Privacy

Floor Mounted Partitions

Floor Mounted

Fully Insured + OSHA Trained Installers


We supply and install all types of toilet partitions, urinal partitions, bathroom stalls, and more:

  • Commercial bathroom stalls
  • Dressing compartments
  • Shower compartments
  • Toilet compartments
  • Privacy toilet partitions
  • Urinal screens
  • Privacy screens


Depending on where your new partitions will be used, you may want to consider a certain material. Below is a list of toilet partition materials you might consider:

  • Powder coated metal
  • Solid HDPE plastic
  • Solid Phenolic
  • Plastic laminate
  • Stainless steel
  • Corian solid surface


We supply and install all major brands of toilet partitions including but not limited to the following quality brands:

  • General Partitions
  • Bradely
  • Bobrick

Why Choose GSS for Your Bathroom Partitions?

The team here at GSS is proud of our unparalleled expertise, craftsmanship, and customer service. We take safety seriously, which is why all of our toilet partition installers are required to have a minimum of 30 hours of OSHA training. With decades of experience and a longstanding, proven track record of success with clients throughout New England (and beyond!), we are the most trusted choice for your bathroom stalls, urinal privacy screens, and other commercial toilet partition needs.

Offering the cheapest priced material, quality construction, and a wide variety of colors to match any bathroom, metal partitions are the most popular bathroom stalls on the market. For most buildings that don’t see a lot of traffic, metal offers great value for churches, restaurants, and small businesses.

Metal partitions are one of the most lightweight partitions on the market, rendering them easy and efficient to install. Minor damages such as scratches and defacement can be effortlessly repaired while being environmentally responsible and largely fire and rust-resistant.

One of the highest quality bathroom partitions on the market, stainless steel combines the durability of plastic partitions with the sleek, high-end finish of metal.

Ideal for high profile installations and public restrooms alike, the material quality of stainless steel with keep walls and doors from chipping and are virtually unaffected by chemical cleaners. Stainless steel partitions also resist the spread of flames and smoke and promote a sanitary environment, making them perfect for commercial properties with high concentrations of people.

Solid phenolic is the most durable material in the world for the manufacturing of toilet partitions. It’s a high-density material made by applying heat and pressure to layers of kraft paper that have been saturated in a synthetic phenolic resin. During this process, a chemical reaction known as polymerization occurs, transforming the materials into a high-pressure, thermosetting plastic. Phenolic is water-resistant and highly durable, making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.

With an affordable material cost and high level of durability, plastic bathroom partitions are ideal in a wide range of building environments. These work particularly well with buildings in which there are large quantities of people, such as schools or restaurants. The durability and material quality of the plastic partitions are manufactured to sustain the wear-and-tear of a high-volume environment, as well as hot, wet, dry or cold atmospheric conditions.

Along with being highly scratch and impact resistant, these partitions are widely offered with warranties to guarantee a longer life span. Additionally, unlike its metal counterpart, plastic partitions will not need regular paint touch-ups and are less likely to absorb excessive odors that come with high amounts of traffic.

High Pressure Laminates meet or exceed NEMA standards. Standard core is particleboard and not recommended for high moisture areas. For high moisture areas, Solid Phenolic Core or High Density Polymer should be used.

Generals’ High Pressure Plastic Laminate Toilet Partitions are available in hundreds of designs ranging from classic woodgrains to solid colors. Laminate is very economical with a highly durable plastic surface that will not rust or dent. Dirt, grease, and cosmetics will not penetrate surface.

Corian® solid surface partitions deliver superior style and durability in a wide variety of colors and textures. They are:

  • Virtually seamless, making them easy to clean.
  • Durable, resistant to chips, cracks and scratches.
  • As pleasing to the eye as they are necessary to the room.
  • Expand your creativity in bathroom design with the exciting variety of Corian® solid surface.