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Commercial Wall Protection

Granite State Specialties (GSS) is New England's (and beyond!) leading supplier and installer of commercial wall protection, corner guard, and wall sheets for hospitals and other commercial applications.

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Corner Guard
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Experts in Wall Guards & Wall Protection

With decades of experience supplying and installing commercial wall guards, we consider ourselves experts when it comes to all things wall protection. In addition to our expert wall protection installers having tremendous experience and knowledge of working with wallcoverings, they are also required to have a minimum of 30 hours of OSHA training. These measures ensure your project is done right, and safe.

Wall Protection & Corner Guard

Hospital Wall Protection

Hospital walls are prone to bumps and bruises. We'll ensure you get the right hospital wall protection like corner guard, end guard, or wall protection sheets installed professionally, in a timely manner.

Corner Guard

Corner & End Wall Guards

Protect and ensure the lifetime of your walls and their crisp corners with the industry's best wall guards and wall protection, professionally installed by our OSHA trained wall protection installers.

Type of Wall Protection

Looking for a certain type of wall protection? We supply and install any ad all types of wall protection including the following types:

  • Wall sheets
  • Wall guards
  • Wall bumper guard
  • Corner guard
  • Crash rails
  • Handrails
  • Door protectors
  • Rub rails
  • Bed locators
  • Bumper rail
  • Hospital wall guard
  • Wall protection sheets


Depending on where your wall protection is being used you may want to go with a specific type of material. Below are some materials we supply and install. If you're not sure what material is right for you, don't hesitate to contact us.

  • Acrovyn wall sheets
  • Rigid vinyl wall sheets
  • FRP wall sheets
  • Phenolic wall sheets
  • Aluminum wall sheets
  • Diamond plated wall sheets
  • Stainless steel wall sheets
  • Plastic corner guards
  • G2 BioBlend®
  • Plastic end wall guards
  • Stainless steel corner guards
  • Stainless steel end wall guards
  • Stainless steel crash rail
  • Plastic crash rail
  • Aluminum crash rail
  • Plastic handrail
  • Stainless steel handrail
  • Wood handrail


  • InPro
  • Construction Specialties
  • Koroseal
  • Pawling
  • Marlite

Why Choose GSS for Your Commercial Wall Protection?

Let's face it, hospitals and other facilities take a beating during everyday operations. Protection for surfaces like walls and doors is essential in order to prolong the life of your interior space. Our longstanding relationships and years of experience with all major brands allow us to supply and install hospital wall protection, wall guards, and wall sheets affordably, with precision. Our expert wall protection installers are ready to install any sized job, union or non-union.