Clarus Visual Displays

The leading designer of innovative glass dry erase boards and architectural systems. Sophisticated. Unique. Cutting edge. Clarus Glassboards transform your workspace with a forward-thinking appeal. Create endless design possibilities with beautiful glass finishes, custom colors and sizing options.

When inspiration comes, be ready to capture the idea on a Glassboard Float. The ultimate extension of your creativity. Clarus Glassboards never stain, never ghost and last the life of your wall. Every Glassboard is made to order in the USA. Work with our friendly Clarus design team to customize your Glassboard Float.

Refined Style Elevates

The Glassboard Float matches the style and elegance of any premier interior and excels with unmatched functionality. Inspire creativity and communication within any space. Float mounts with no visible hardware for a clean and minimal look.

Fully Customization

  • ColorDrop print technology - a proprietary printing system exclusively by Clarus
  • TruMount multi-directional concealed mounting hardware supplied
  • Any size up to 72” x 144”
  • Custom shapes and colors
  • Available in Magnetic
  • Installs easily into any drywall surface, no reinforced walls required
  • Made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials

Surround is designed to provide brand accentuation and function in any environment. The simple, yet elegant frame serves to “contain” marker writing within the Glassboard canvas while perfectly complementing elements within the room. With Surround you never have to worry about your next creative brainstorming session extending off your Glassboard and onto the wall.

Features & Specifications

  • Available for any Float Glassboard & Health board
  • Made from premium, powder-coated aluminum with a precision finish
  • Perfect fit, reveals around the glass
  • Available in 13 finish colors
  • Any size up to 72” × 144"

Why limit a Glassboard to one side? Re-think the way workspaces use writable surfaces with Flip by Clarus Glassboards. Flip allows both sides of a Clarus Board to be utilized for a heightened design aesthetic and elegant functionality.

Glass That Transforms

A Glassboard when you need one and a piece of art when you don’t. Designer Dony Dawson was inspired by minimalist design and simple lines while observing design trends in Europe. Enhance any space with a beautiful mix of Clarus Boards on one side and acoustical panels with prints, patterns, and colors on the other side.

Flip Glass

  • Choose from over 150 standard colors
  • All Flip Glass is magnetic
  • Custom graphics available using ColorDrop Technology

Flip Frame

  • 13 color options available
  • Aluminum frame
  • Premium powder-coat finish

Acoustic Panels

  • 9-12mm Clarus acoustic felt
  • 100% recycled materials, 100% recyclable product
  • Material is tackable
  • Fire rating: ASTM E84 Class A
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of .8-1.1
  • Absorbs up to 85% of the office chatter nobody likes to hear!

We designed go!

Mobile to be the most designer-friendly collaborative board ever. go! Mobile allows you the freedom to creatively express, design, and inspire in your own way. Create an original statement with go!

Let’s Go!

go! Mobile combines the Clarus commitment to glass excellence with rigid steel construction resulting in a forward-thinking architectural solution.

Personalize your go! Mobile with a splash of color by selecting from an unlimited number of Glassboard surface colors and printed designs, thirteen steel frame finishes, and four caster shades. Ready, set, go.

Functional Division

The open office is perfect for collaboration. Keep it open, while allowing for elegant space division with the go! three-wheel option. Simple. Modular. Versatile.

Clarus Quality, Your Style

Designer Dony Dawson intended go! to be your perfect glass canvas. Every go! Mobile is handcrafted in the USA using thoughtfully selected, premium materials to create a glass writing surface worthy of your best ideas. What will you create with go! Mobile?

Create in Clusters

Take your canvas and build your dream collaboration space. New ganging hardware and go! Mobile Hubs make it easier than ever to create areas of inspiration and focus.

Create a unique space with go! Hubs

With go! Hubs, any open environment can easily be upgraded to allow glass writing surfaces throughout a work space. Simply roll your go! Mobiles into place, set with go! Hubs and get to work!

Endless Configurations

The go! Mobile family allows for a limitless range of layouts. Every open space needs some definition to provide structure. Boost the design aesthetic and productivity with a go! Family layout.

Each go! features:

  • Ganging, nesting, collaborate with others
  • Optional go! Hubs for additional ganging with 3-wheel go!’s
  • 3 and 4 wheel options
  • Available in magnetic
  • ColorDrop custom printing available
  • Over 150 standard glass color options
  • Build your very own go! Mobile by visiting

Because everything in design matters. Depth completes any space with a visually striking style.

The Original

Redefine visual communications and elevate the workspace with a stunning Glassboard Depth by Clarus. Customize your Glassboard with Colors by Clarus and ColorDrop prints.

Glassboard Depth

Modular for today’s flexible work space needs, Depth is compatible with any permanent marker or dry/wet erase pen. Depth will never stain, never ghost and lasts the life of the wall. Made with
eco-friendly and recyclable materials.

Fully Customizable

  • ColorDrop print technology – a proprietary printing system exclusively by Clarus
  • Any size up to 72” × 144”
  • Custom shapes and colors
  • Available in Magnetic
  • All Clarus stand-off mounting hardware included
  • Made with eco-friendly and recyclable materials

Box Tray

So much more than just a box! First-ever magnetic marker and eraser holder for your Glassboard, available in 10 colors.


Curvalicious and functional! Markers on top, eraser below. Apply anywhere to a Glassboard with removable adhesive.

Hook Magnet

Cradle markers, hang concepts or line them up to form your own designs for hours (ok...minutes) of entertainment!

Loop Magnet

The new-school marker holder. Re-positionable and minimal. Hold your favorite markers with Loop!

T Marker Tray

Clean and classic. Get yours in a 12" section or full length to span your entire Glassboard.

Square Magnets

A square with the strength of ten ordinary magnets! Made with rare earth magnets and a soft-touch finish, available in 10 colors.

Glass Marker Tray

An original, and still going strong! Complement your Glassboard with a Glass Marker Tray.