Hospital Curtains and Cubicle Tracks

Cubicle Curtain Tracks

Cubicle & Hospital Curtains

Hospital curtains, privacy curtains, shower curtains, and more. Our hospital curtain installers are extremely knowledgeable and require ample training to ensure each and every install is completed with perfection.

Hospital Curtains

Sales and Installation

Granite State Specialties has been supplying and installing privacy curtains and cubicle tracks in and around New Hampshire and Boston for over 30 years. Our team is ready to take you from start to finish on your next project. Feel free to reach out for a free quote.

Cubicle Curtain Tracks

Curtain and Cubicle Tracks

With curtains come tracks and our OSHA trained cubicle track installers can help you get them set up safely, in a timely manner. We know how important your patient's safety and privacy are and maintain high safety and quality standards throughout each and every project.

Headquartered in New England, Servicing Nationwide.

Our Process


Our team of experienced estimators is focused on offering the most accurate and high quality estimating service available. GSS performs all takeoffs in house and works with all top vendors to provide quick and competitive pricing.

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Project Management

Leave the hassle of project management to the experts at GSS. Our knowledgeable project managers have years of experience in the industry and will manage the project from site readiness through installation.

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Our OSHA trained installers have decades of experience installing Construction Specialties, ranging from toilet partitions on wall street in New York City to the window shades at the Federal Reserve in Boston, Massachusetts.

Fully Insured + OSHA Trained Installers


Hospital curtains can be user-friendly while ensuring the privacy and comfort of your patients. With endless colors, patterns, and manufacturers to choose from, we're here to help you choose the right cubicle curtains for your space.

GSS supplies and installs all types of curtains and cubicle tracks including but not limited to the following:

  • Cubicle tracks
  • Curtain tracks
  • IV tracks
  • Hospital shower curtains
  • Hospital shower curtain tracks
  • Hospitals curtains
  • Hospital curtain tracks
  • Hospital privacy curtains
  • Hospital privacy curtain tracks
  • Cubicle curtains
  • Eldercare center curtains
  • Health care clinic's curtains
  • Medical office building curtains
  • Stain-resistant curtains
  • Liquid repellent curtains
  • Sustainable curtains


We're proud to supply and install the industries top cubicle curtain brands including but not limited to the following:

  • InPro
  • Imperial Fasteners
  • On the Right Track
  • Construction Specialties

Why GSS?

All of our cubicle curtain installers are extremely knowledgable and have a minimum of 30 hours of OSHA training to ensure the safety of your environment during installs. With a proven track record of success throughout New Hampshire, Boston, and the rest of New England, we are the trusted choice for the supply and install of cubicle curtains, privacy curtains, and more.