Smoke and Fire Curtains

UL 10D 1-3 Hour Rated Smoke & Fire Curtains

Elevator Shafts

The DSI-600 elevator smoke curtain creates a code-compliant smoke and draft control assembly when paired with fire-rated elevator doors.

Wall Openings & Atriums

The DSI-C1HR and DSI-C3HR Fire Smoke Curtains are completely Gravity Fail Safe, reset automatically, and incorporate the latest in electronic technology.

Access Areas

The DSI Accordion Fire Curtain Model DSI-A4HR creates a four-hour opening protective fire barrier for a variety of applications without the need for columns or corner posts. Applications include atriums, stairwells, escalators, and other custom applications.

Floor Openings

The DSI Horizontal Fire Curtain Model DSI-H3HR allows architects to compartmentalize large floor openings and reduce or eliminate mechanical smoke evacuation systems. A solution to design challenges of preventing smoke and fire from spreading through the ceiling and atrium voids, stairwells, and skylights.