Automatic Smoke & Fireproof Curtains

Model: DSI – C1HR/C3HR


1 Hour Fire Integrity Curtain incorporating DSI-1HR Rated Fabric

1 Hour Integrity to 1800 F

Excellent compartmentation properties

Overlapped curtains for large widths

Multiple egress options


3 Hour Fire Integrity Curtain incorporating DSI 3HR Rated Fabric

3 Hour integrity (E) to 1800 °F

Provision of an “Insulating Zone” for means of escape requirements

Multiple egress options

DSI-C1HR & C3HR Automatic Fire-Rated Curtains

The DSI-C1HR & C3HR models of automatic fire-rated smoke curtains are what we consider to be the most cost-effective systems of their kind in today’s market. Both models are equipped with the latest in gravity fail-safe technology. 

The fiberglass wound fabric is fire-rated and can withstand greater temperatures from flames while also keeping smoke from affecting exit routes. The entire system is handsomely tucked away and enclosed in a steel encasement, mounted into position in a manner that complements the existing structure rather than drawing attention to itself. 

The technology incorporated into both systems (the DSI-C1HR & C3HR) is meant to be effective with or without being powered. They are designed so that electricity is required to keep the curtain rolled up and in place. When electricity is absent (as often in a fire-related emergency), the curtain will drop into its intended working position. 

But sometimes it’s necessary to raise a curtain even when the power is out, to remove it as an obstruction to people who must evacuate. For this reason, there is a battery backup system in place to raise the curtains for a short period safely so that people may pass through. 

This is done via buttons located nearby the curtain. Once the button is depressed, the curtain begins its controlled and smooth descent into its dropped, working position.

DSI-1HR: Fire-Rated Curtain Fabric

The most important thing to note about the DSI-1HR is that it is meant to be what is considered a “medium-weight” fire curtain system, and this boils down to what the fabric is made from. 

It is made from fiberglass fabric with uniform coats of aluminum-pigmented polyurethane on either side. This coating enhances its effectiveness against heat and smoke leakage. Upon testing to accord with UL 10D, the system was proven to protect for one hour at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. It also passed Annex B, C, and D, providing 120 minutes of resistance when going through EN 12101-1 testing. 

DSI-3HR: Fire-Rated Curtain Fabric

The fiberglass fabric is similar to the 1HR but is a heavier-duty fabric. Also, stainless steel wire is set to reinforce the fabric, and increase its resistance properties. Each side is coated with aluminum-pigmented polyurethane, adding to the effort of resisting heat and smoke. 

The DSI-3HR has passed appropriate testing with outstanding results. While undergoing EN 1634 testing, the curtain (along with the entirety of the assembly) remained effective long enough to be rated for 180 minutes. 

Additionally, this robust version of the DSI curtain was granted a 4-hour rating after having been tested to ensure compliance with UL 10D, at temperatures of 1800 degrees Fahrenheit.

Fire-Rated Glass Alternative

Fire curtains are a great alternative to the more expensive (and fragile) fire-rated glass products. Rather than paying the additional costs of fire-rated glass doors or windows, why not station a curtain to be on the ready in the event of an emergency? It is a wise choice and one that architects are well pleased with. 

Advantages of the DSI – C1HR/C3HR Automatic Fire Curtains

Creates open space for your building design
Compact design, low headroom requirements
Almost completely hidden
Lightweight requires little to no structural support
Unlimited width, custom sizes
Code compliant
Multiple egress options
Battery backup system standard
A fail-safe system with automatic reset
One/Three-hour option available
Excellent compartmentation properties

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A cost-effective and architecturally pleasing solution for your atriums and corridors.

Mounting Options, Compliance, and Specs

Headbox Finishing Options

Side Guide Mounting Options

Single Roller Mounting Options

Multiple Roller Mounting Options

Multiple Roller Mounting Options

DSI – C1HR Compliance

UL 10 DFire protective Smoke Curtains 60 minutes
UL 1784Air leakage test of door assemblies
UL 10 CWithout Hose Stream Test – 20 minutes
UL 10 BWithout Hose Stream – 20 minutes
UL 864Control Units for Fire Protective Signaling Systems

DSI – C1HR Specs & Info


12’ wide by 10’ tall single roller

19’ wide by 39’ tall single roller with UL oversize label

984’ wide by 39’ tall multiple rollers with UL Oversize Label

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