Accordion Fire Protective Curtains

Model: DSI – A4HR

4-hour Fire Integrity at 1800 F

Fire-rated fiberglass fabric

No corner posts needed

Accordion Fire Protective Curtain DSI-A4HR

The Accordion model DSI A4HR is DSI’s answer to four-hour protection as a barrier against fire and smoke. This fire protective curtain does not need extra hardware such as corner posts, runners, or other stabilizing hardware to ensure that it keeps its shape while in its working position. 

This design is meant to be a customizable solution for tricky openings such as atriums, escalators, stairwells, or other types of oddly shaped throughways. The provided protection is achieved through the blend of fiberglass woven fabric that is heat-rated, and the latest in reliable gravity fail-safe technology. 

This is an advanced system meant to blend in with the surrounding structures, adding to the visual appeal of a space. It is also equipped with an automatic retract system for after the emergency has been dealt with. Incorporating the most cutting-edge tech in the industry, the DSI A4HR stands alone in efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Control Options

Granite State Specialties will provide you with a full list of details about the control options that are available with this curtain unit. The options can change from one system to the other, as fire strategy plans differ, locations differ, shapes, etc. 

Some of the options are obstruction sensors, BMS, two-stage descent, emergency retract, delayed descent, visual alerts, and audio alerts. As mentioned above, these are a few of the options available, check the link for more.

Compliance to Regulations

These curtains as well as the system as a whole have gone through a battery of testing to satisfy a host of different regulating bodies. Some of which are UL 10 B, C D, UL 1784, ASTM E84, and UL 864. 

Advantages of the Model: DSI – A4HR Accordion Fire Curtains

Creates open space for your building design
Compact design, low headroom requirements
Almost completely hidden
Lightweight requires little to no structural support
Unlimited width, custom sizes
Code compliant
Multiple egress options
Battery backup system standard
A fail-safe system with automatic reset
Three-hour option available
Excellent compartmentation properties

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A cost-effective and architecturally pleasing solution for your atriums and corridors.

Mounting Options, Compliance, and Specs

Headbox Mechanics

Accordion Smoke Curtain Headbox Diagram

3-Sided Stairwell Application

3-Sided Accordion Smoke Curtain Diagram

Compliant With

UL 10 DFire protective Smoke Curtains – 4 hours
UL 1784Air leakage test of door assemblies
ASTM E84Class A Surface Building Characteristics of Building
UL 10 CWithout Hose Stream Test – 20 minutes
UL 10 BWithout Hose Stream – 20 minutes
UL 864Control Units for Fire Protective Signaling Systems

Specs & Info


12’ length x 10’ tall

820’ length x 39’ tall with UL oversize label

Example: For L shape, U shape, or 4-sided curtains, you would measure the entire perimeter.

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