Horizontal Fire Protective Curtains

Model: DSI-H 3HR

Horizontal Smoke Curtain  and Track

180 minutes up to 1800ºF

DSI VWG690 heavyweight fiberglass fabric

No corner posts needed

Horizontal Smoke and Fire Curtains

There are many circumstances in a building’s design where a horizontally closing smoke and fire curtain is necessary. Among which are stairwells, atrium openings, skylights, and other forms of ceiling openings. 

In comes the DSI Horizontal Smoke and Fire curtain. This model is designed to cut off access to smoke and fire from floor-to-floor travel through ceiling openings. This compartmentalizes problemed areas, preventing the spread of trouble while allowing inhabitants to evacuate safely. 

The DSI Horizontal Smoke and Fire Curtain are made from fiberglass fiber treated with uniform coats of aluminum-pigmented polyurethane on either side, reinforced with wire. The curtain is rolled within a case that keeps the whole system as compact and out of the way as possible. 

Tracks are placed on either edge of an opening, allowing the curtain to roll out smoothly and evenly, granting complete coverage across the void. The tracks double as a stabilizer, ensuring that the curtain will stay in place despite strong changes in pressure on either side of the curtain that are common within a building fire. 

The system is wired into the existing fire alarm system. When the alarm gets triggered, the curtain closes. Upon reset, the curtain will automatically roll back into place in the ready position.

Advantages of the Model: DSI-H 3HR Accordion Fire Curtains

Creates open space for your building design
Battery back-up system standard
Saves money by reducing or eliminating smoke evacuation systems
Code compliant
Battery back-up system standard
Fail-safe with automatic reset
Virtually invisible design
Lightweight, requires little to no structural support
Multiple mounting options: Above slab mount or under slab mount
Three-hour option available
Excellent compartmentation properties

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A cost-effective and architecturally pleasing solution for your atriums, stairwells, and skylights.

Mounting Options, Compliance, and Specs

Headbox Mechanics

Horizontal Smoke Curtain Headbox DIagram

Compliant With

UL 10 DFire protective Smoke Curtains – 3 hours
ASTM E84Class A Surface Building Characteristics of Building
UL 10 BWithout Hose Stream Test – 20 minutes
UL 10 CWithout Hose Stream Test – 20 minutes
UL 864Control Units for Fire Protective Signaling Systems
BS 5234-2Fabric Impact Test to double severe duty

Specs & Info


26’ wide by 26’ long

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