Overhead Braced Toilet Partitions

Overhead Braced Toilet Partitions are mostly seen in busy areas. This style of toilet partition is similar to a floor-mounted unit but has one distinct advantage. 

The braces rise and attach to a rail or panel called the “headrail” that is suspended over a foot above the door and wall panels. This connects all the front pillars, making the unit more rigid than regular floor-mounted toilet partitions. The height of the headrail leaves plenty of room underneath for people to pass under without having to duck or watch their heads. 

Overhead Braced ToiletPartition – Pros and Cons

Like anything, there is good alongside bad with this mounting style, and when it comes to overhead partitions, there are pros and cons to weigh before deciding on a style. 


  • Overhead Braced Partitions offer a more rigid system than floor-mounted partitions. The addition of the headrail connecting the pillars makes these a more complete-looking and behaving system.
  • This style is more cost-effective than other units, using fewer materials and shorter wall panels & doors. Lack of having to match floor-to-ceiling measurements means less work, and cheaper installation.
  • Builders find this system easier to mount, as there are no measurements or mounting required across the ceiling. 
  • Because the systems are easier to work with, they offer a much quicker installation.


  • This style requires a high ceiling for them to look and behave correctly. Other options such as the Floor to Ceiling Partitions may be more useful than an Overhead Braced system for lower hanging ceilings.
  • Compared to suspended units, floors are that much more difficult to clean, having to sweep or mop around the floor-mounted pilasters. 
  • For the added rigidity to make a difference, the units must be mounted to the floor. Floors that don’t accommodate drilling or mounting don’t mix well with overhead braced toilet Partitions.

Who uses Overhead-Braced Toilet Partitions?

You’ve likely seen them or have used them, as this is a very popular style commercially.

They are most often used for high-traffic areas like:

  • Schools– Overhead Mounted systems are often used in schools. As we know, kids can get a little rambunctious and like to misuse things when they can get away with them. For this purpose, the headrail is often constructed in a way that makes them uncomfortable to grip or hang from.  
  • Office Buildings– They’re private enough to do the trick, yet not somewhere a tired employee can hide for long. 
  • Restaurants– because the wall panels do not reach the floor, customers can quickly see if a stall is occupied without bothering someone inside. 
  • Permanent Amusement Parks– Fairs come and go, but amusement parks generally stay put and often use this style of partition to accommodate the masses that come to visit.
  • Malls – larger malls have larger bathrooms, and when they do, this style of partition is often used. At closing time, it makes it easier for security to ensure that the building is empty without having to check each stall one at a time.
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