Some companies tend to specialize in one or two products and are successful through that model. Other companies aim to master an entire industry. Bradley Corporation is such a company.

Bradley corporation has manufactured commercial washroom solutions for decades and has expanded its product base exponentially throughout the years. In so doing, they have the entire commercial restroom and locker room industry in their clutch. 

The following article will talk about the manufacturer itself, followed by the products provided by Bradley Corporation. 

Bradley Corporation- Over a Century of Commercial Washroom Solutions

The Bradly corporation’s humble beginnings started in 1918, then called the Allen Bradley Corporation. Their cornerstone product at that time was the invention of the industrial wash fountain. This revolutionary wash basin design reduced the time workers had to wait in line to wash up for breaks, thus giving them more time to enjoy their breaks.

Though the design of this fountain has been modified throughout the years, at its core, it is still very much the same idea. That said, you can find them in large industrial buildings all over the United States. 

The Bradley Corp consisted of three other founding members alongside Allen Bradley, and they were Gustav Grossenbach, Louis Schlesinger, and Howard Mullett. Out of the four, there has been one family that has remained at the tip of the spear to this day, and that is the Mullett family.  

There has been a Mullett at the helm for five generations now. Currently, the Chairman/CEO is Bryan Mullett.

Since the launch of Bradley Corporation, they have, over time, released different product lines, all relating to commercial washrooms. You name it, they’ve either made it or still manufacture it (as you’ll see in their product section).

Now they focus on staying on the cutting edge of new and budding technology to better enhance all that is involved in restroom products. 

Products Manufactured by the Bradley Corporation

For the purposes of this article, we are going to focus attention on the toilet partitions manufactured by Bradley. We will, however, bring mention their other products to give you an idea of the scope of their catalog.

To date, Bradley manufactures seven styles of toilet partitions. Each has its strengths and purposes. Though each of these partitions is indeed a Bradley product, they are manufactured by what is called “the Mills Company,” which was purchased by Bradley back in 1997. 

Phenolic Privacy Partitions

The Phenolic Privacy Partitions offer more privacy than the average toilet partition due to the “No-Site” design style that closes gap distances. There is also the option to extend the panel design to give more privacy above and below (morphing into what may be considered a European design). 

The Phenolic toilet partitions are available in 12 different colors and can be ceiling-hung, floor-mounted, overhead-braced, or mounted floor-to-ceiling.

Euro Style Partitions – Lucent Series

Bradley’s Euro-style partitions offer the utmost privacy in any restroom. However, there is a touch of elegance in this particular series because it is constructed from enameled tempered glass, and comes equipped with 180-degree gravity slow-close hinges. 

The Euro Style Partition Lucent Series is available in nine colors to choose from and is installed in an overhead-braced style. 

Euro Style Partitions – Float Series

The Float Series of their Euro Style partitions is made from phenolic doors and panels. This design sets back the headrail and feet, giving it a floating appearance- though it remains firmly mounted to the floor and wall.

This unit is great for moist or wet environments, as the nature of the material is moisture resistance. These phenolic partitions come in 7 colors (a few with woodgrain patterns) and are a modified overhead-braced hanging style. 

Euro Style Partitions – Loft Series

The Loft Series is made from Phenolic LT, which is a material made exclusively for Bradley Corp. purposes. This series is lightweight, and hides all of its hardware, giving the partition a sharp, sleek appearance.

This partition series comes in 7 colors (including 2 woodgrain patterns) and has an overhead-braced mounting style.

Stainless Steel Partitions

Bradley’s Stainless Steel Partition line consists of satin, 5WL, or brush-polished 304 stainless steel.  These are using Permaseal panel construction rather than conventional crown molding panel construction. 

Bradley’s Stainless Steel Partition series can be hung floor-to-ceiling, overhead-braced, floor-mounted, or ceiling-hung. Doors and panels can be made from brushed & polished or textured stainless. 

Bradmar Partitions

Bradmar Partitions are constructed from High-Density Polyethelene (HDPE). This option of partition has no-sight features, having all of the hardware hidden from external view. 

These come in 11 different colors and can be purchased as 100% pre-consumer recycled HDPE which comes only in black, and three additional colors for post-consumer 100% recycled materials. The Bradmar HDPE Partitions can be hung in either overhead-braced or floor-to-ceiling styles. 

Powder Coated Steel Partitions

Bradley’s powder-coated units are constructed with what is called permasealed edges to prevent any moisture from finding its way inside the panels. Of all the options available at Bradley, this is the most economical.

Powder-coated units come in 15 colors and can be hung in floor-braced, ceiling-hung, overhead-braced, and floor-to-ceiling styles. 

Other Products available at Bradley Corporation

  • Enclosed Safety Showers
  • All-in-One Handwashing Stations
  • Plastic Lockers
  • Shower Assemblies
  • Wash Fountains
  • Faucets and Soap Dispensers
  • Dialysis Boxes
  • Mixing Valves
  • Safety Fixtures
  • Enclosed Shower and Skid Systems
  • Tankless Water Heaters

What Makes Bradley Corp Different from other Manufacturers?

In a nutshell, their longevity and industrial impact are what stand out the most with this company. That and the ability to have kept family from the original foundation of the business in the loop at the top.

When it deems necessary, they adapt to changes in the industry. However, they also tend to know when they’re onto a good thing, and when it’s right to stay the course with certain products. 

Where Would You Find Products Manufactured By Bradley?

Bradley Corp is a worldwide business, that has products furnishing restrooms all over the planet. The diversity of partition types and other washroom products makes them competitive regardless of the restroom needs or requirements. 

Among other prominent places, you can find their products being used by entities such as Boeing, O’Hare Airport, Walmart, Penn Station in New York City, Disney, Qatar University, and Starbucks, to name a few.

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