Solid Plastic Toilet Compartments by General Partitions

General Partitions

General Partitions is a manufacturer that specializes in toilet partitions and other commercial bathroom products. Here’s info about them and their partitions.

Scranton Eclipse Toilet Partitions

Scranton Products

Scranton Products have been making HDPE toilet partitions for quite some time. Here is a little background on the business and some information about its products.

Photo of Green Toilet Partitions


Hadrian Manufacturing Inc. has a long history of building several types of toilet partitions. There is a good chance that their products are somewhere near you!

Overhead Braced Toilet Partitions

ASI Global

ASI Global Partitions have furnished washrooms around the world, and are still running strong. Here is more info on the company itself, and its product info.

Flush Metal Ceiling Hung Partitions

Flush Metal Partitions

Flush Metal Partitions Company have a range of product that can be found anywhere public restrooms are required. Read up on this company and what they offer.


Wirecrafters LLC has been in business for a long time, leading the industry through its wire partition products & accessories. Enter Here to learn more about them.

Wood Thrislington Toilet Partitions


About the Bobrick Corporation Bobrick was founded in 1906 by George Augustus Bobrick. In those days it was called the Bobrick Chemical Company. In 1946, the business was purchased by William S. Louchheim, and it has remained in the family … Read more