Even though they might be using Wirecrafters brand products daily, most people have no clue who makes products that are often taken for granted. There’s a good chance that you’ve either seen or used one of Wirecrafters wire partition products in your travels (likely more often than you think).

Wirecrafters specializes in commercial and industrial safety, storage, and security products. They are the nation’s top producer of wire partition products. They will accept custom orders should needs be different than what’s available through their standard product lines.

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About Wirecrafters

Wirecrafters began and remains a family-owned business, owned by the Diebold family since its creation. They are currently located in Louisville Kentucky and operate a wire partition warehouse in Sparks, Nevada. 

Wirecrafters started as a simple job shop, established back in 1967. From the onset, their niche was wire-based products. Over the years, they developed a system called the Style 840, which was their first wire partition system.  

As the popularity of their system grew, new products slowly began to take shape to complement their partition systems. Products such as rail systems, guard rail systems, and lockers. Over time, as these additional products became more popular, Wirecrafters created separate lines for each of them.

Wirecrafters Products

Wirecrafters signature material is a 10-gauge steel wire that is woven into 2” x 1” rectangular mesh and is used on the lion’s share of their products. This is the system that the company concentrated on early in its existence, and is called Style 840 Mesh. 

Steel tubing, angle, sheet metal, and at times clear polycarbonate panels for better viewability, are also utilized in their products. For items that require something different than rectangular mesh, other materials are used such as welded wire mesh, expanded metal panels, or punched-through sheet metal panels. 

It all depends on the combination of the product’s purpose, standards, and code-enforced requirements. Options also shrink and grow depending on what customization is required to complete a project as it would relate to not-so-standard applications.

The following is a list of the different product lines fabricated and manufactured by Wirecrafters. 

Separation Panels

A couple of years’ worth of health concerns (namely COVID-19 and all of its iterations) has unintentionally launched an array of personal safety products. One, in particular, is employee separation panels. These keep people safe from any form of contact should one be ill and cough or sneeze toward another. You’ve seen them at banks, convenience stores, pharmacies, etc., stationed between two or more employees (typically behind a counter).

Aside from illness prevention, these panels are great to keep employees safe in other ways, such as breaking the line of sight between welders, blocking grinding particles, or preventing other forms of projectiles from reaching fellow employees.

Wire Cages and Partitions

Wirecrafters has divided their cage and partitions products into 6 categories. Tool Cribs and Storage, Driver Cages, DEA Cages, Server Cages, Evidence Enclosures, and Holding Cells.

All of these products are highly customizable and come in a variety of different-sized panels.

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Pallet Rack Safety System

The pallet rack safety systems fabricated at Wirecrafters attach directly to existing storage racks. Some variations of this system provide a complete enclosure of existing rack systems, protecting valuable inventory from theft.  

Aside from theft prevention, this helps to protect the enclosed product from employee errors with handling equipment (fork trucks, lifts, etc.) and protects employees from materials falling out of the racks, causing injury. 

Machine Guarding Systems

Machine guarding systems is a simple product that does a very important job. They protect millions of dollars’ worth of machinery from harm that may come by way of stray fork truck blades or other dangers that would threaten some of the largest investments a company might make.

This system is typically bolted down to the floor or a complementing rail system. Head to the website for details on the Rapid Guard II system. This system features removable, lift-off panels.

Protective Railings

Protective railings are rugged structures meant to protect people, properties, or other vulnerable items from material moving equipment (fork trucks, hand trucks, scissor lifts, etc.). This is a two-tier, bolted-to-the-floor system.

Keeping with the Railing theme, Wirecrafters also fabricates industrial handrails. These are meant for guideways around a shop floor, or can even be attached to heavy machinery. Included if desired is an optional 4” kickplate lining the base of the system.

Storage Lockers

Tenant storage lockers crafted by Wirecrafters are best used in condominiums or apartment buildings. They are made to be easily fitted together, making it easy to add or subtract the number of lockers in a given space. The panels and pre-hung doors attach with only a few bolts, making it a simple setup experience.

Another form of their storage locker system is their TA-50 Gear Storage Lockers. These are used primarily by military bases but can be used for other purposes such as tool sheds, or other industrial settings. Each unit is equipped with a coat hanger rail, storage shelves, and coat hooks.

Bicycle Storage Racks

There are two primary products that Wirecrafters fabricates in this department. First is their Bike Stacker line and the second is their Bike Wall Rider line. 

The Bike Stacker is a bolt-together construction that can store up to 14 fully assembled bicycles, consuming about 45 square feet. Being a two-tiered system, the bikes are individually fastened and locked to the frame to prevent falling or theft.

The Bicycle Wall Rider is a one-tier bike storage system that is wall-mounted but mounts the bicycles standing up (both tires against the wall). The front tire is suspended from the bracketry and locked into position by a heavy aircraft cable. 

Wirecrafters products can be picked up at any of their distributors, or online at the Wirecrafters website

What Makes Wirecrafters Stand Out from the Competition?

Taking complex processes and being able to simplify designs for faster assembly is an art form. The engineering department at Wirecrafters takes ease of assembly into account regarding their designs. According to product reviews and other forms of feedback, their systems go together either as fast or faster than their competition. 

In most circumstances, these products are customizable. The engineering department can make adjustments to cater to a customer’s desires or requirements. Depending on what’s involved, this may push out their typical lead time as far as receiving the final custom product is concerned. 

Another thing that makes them stand out more clearly than their competition is that they’ve included CAD files available to download to assist engineers or designers, giving a working model of their product to work with. These are most agreeable with SolidWorks or any program that doesn’t take issue with using STEP files.

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