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Granite State Specialties (GSS) is a registered reseller of Luxer One parcel lockers. Everything from the hardware on the outside to the internal electrical components is designed in-house by the team over at Luxer One. They've built a heavy-duty and high-quality smart locker system that we are proud to offer here at GSS.

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Contactless Parcel Lockers are Changing the Game

In a global marketplace where convenience is critical, time is money, and e-commerce is king, shipping services, and receivers of all kinds are now dealing with the relentless “package problem.”

Sales and Installations of Parcel Lockers and Contactless Locker Systems

We are New England's leading supplier and installer of specialty products, including package lockers, smart lockers, and parcel locker systems. With decades of experience in the construction specialty industry and partnerships with all major brands, we are able to take your next project from site-readiness through installation on any union or non-union job site throughout New England and beyond.

Parcel Locker System

These are not your average lockers from high school. Parcel lockers are an emerging delivery service that is changing how people send and receive goods for the better. They are electronic, smart, ultra-secure, and designed to meet the needs of the 21st-century consumer.

Better yet, they’re cropping up everywhere. Find secure locker systems on city streets, university campuses, and outside brick and mortar retail locations. Or, find them in the lobbies of apartment buildings and offices. Wherever you are, so too are lockers.

They’re conducive to both personal and professional use because they come in all shapes, sizes, and scales. And, the process is simple no matter what you order: select parcel delivery during your online checkout, track your package as it makes its way to you, and then get a text or an email with a pickup code when it arrives. You can pick it up at your preferred location whenever you want.

Remember when you used to leave work early and go home to sign for a package? Or, even worse, stay at work all afternoon and miss a delivery? Someone would have to come back to your address three times on three different days before both of you would give up in frustration; you’d have to carve time out of yet another day to make a special trip to the post office and get your hands on your delivery nearly a week late.

Parcel lockers are ending that narrative once and for all. Here’s how:

1: Guaranteed, fool-proof delivery

Long gone are the days when you have to be there in person to sign for a package. Every shipping service can easily access locker systems, so packages have a 100% delivery rate. Whether you’re shipping with a massive shipping service like UPS, FedEx, or the USPS or you use small-scale shipping services, you won’t ever experience a failed delivery again.

2. Security for you and your packages

Every system is equipped with video surveillance, regardless of its location and size. This ensures that your packages stay safe while waiting for you and that you have a safe and hassle-free pickup. Order products that cost $5.00 or $50,000, you’ll have the same protection and security at your fingertips. Your peace-of-mind is priceless.

3. Flawlessly integrated technology of today

Much like e-commerce stores, these delivery systems have specialized software, websites, and apps that make picking up mail an intuitive experience for consumers. Check on your orders and retrieve packages via smartphone apps. Thoughtfully integrated technology means better reliability and a painless pick up process for you.

4. Unparalleled convenience for consumers

Now more than ever, people are cultivating multiple revenue sources and becoming their own individual brands. There are endless tech-related new and emerging markets; remote work and freelancing rates are skyrocketing. The bottom line, people no longer fit into the 9-5 box, and their schedules reflect that.

No one has time for scheduled deliveries or the traditional operational hours of brick and mortar locations, and this delivery technology was built with that in mind. Consumers have 24/7 access to the lockers, which means they can grab their stuff whenever they have the time.

5. Developed to accommodate every kind of e-commerce purchase

While there may not be car-sized lockers quite yet, there’s just about every other size and kind available. Find refrigerated spaces created to store temperature-sensitive foods and beverages, oversized lockers to hold bulky and irregularly shaped boxes, and small-scale lockers to protect more compact purchases.

There’s finally a delivery system that prioritizes user experience, convenience, and security. And, it capitalizes on all available technology to keep up with increased demand and today’s faster pace of life.

Because our world is changing rapidly, and we want to keep up.

We’re in the business of simplifying construction, of helping you streamline your project and become more efficient. Parcel lockers help us meet your needs with ease and speed, and we are all in favor of a technology that will better serve our customers.

We are committed to investing in the most convenient and cutting-edge delivery services because we understand how much of an impact they can make in our lives. We’re getting in on the ground floor when it comes to smart locker technology. They alleviate the shipping and logistical nightmare of a growing online retail market, and their systems will only expand in terms of accessibility and ease of use as more companies get on board.

Everyone can benefit from the use of a parcel locker delivery system.

Another good reason to roll with locker delivery systems?  They are less taxing on the planet. With zero failed deliveries, better-planned routes, and bundled packages, delivery services can get their shipments where they need to go in less time and with a fraction of the resources. They have the potential to decrease carbon emissions and prevent further climate damage.

Welcome to the new-and-improved 21st-century e-commerce experience.

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Our team of experienced estimators is focused on offering the most accurate and high quality estimating service available. GSS performs all takeoffs in house and works with all top vendors to provide quick and competitive pricing.

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Leave the hassle of project management to the experts at GSS. Our knowledgeable project managers have years of experience in the industry and will manage the project from site readiness through installation.

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Our OSHA trained installers have decades of experience installing Construction Specialties, ranging from toilet partitions on wall street in New York City to the window shades at the Federal Reserve in Boston, Massachusetts.

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