Commercial Soap Dispensers: Which Is Right For Your Commercial Space?


At Granite State Specialties, we understand the importance of high-quality commercial soap dispensers that will last the test of time. We offer sales and installation throughout New England and New York.

Our expertise in construction specialties ensures that we handle every aspect of the process, from estimating to installation, providing seamless integration of these essential products into various commercial environments.

Commercial Soap Dispensers

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Brands We Work With


American Specialties, Inc. (ASI) offers robust commercial soap dispensers, ideal for high-traffic areas. They provide automatic and manual models, featuring materials from stainless steel to durable plastics, catering to different design preferences and budget requirements.


Bobrick’s soap dispensers are known for their sleek design and sustainability. Their touch-free operation and refillable containers make them a top choice for businesses focused on hygiene and environmental responsibility.

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A&J Washroom

With a range of dispensers tailored to commercial and institutional settings, A&J Washroom understands the need for durable and easily maintained hygiene solutions. Their vandal-resistant and adjustable-volume dispensers are perfect for areas demanding robust and efficient products.


Bradley excels in creating soap dispensers that blend seamlessly with other washroom fixtures. Their products are designed for heavy-duty use, offering touch-free operation and straightforward refill processes, emphasizing hygiene and operational efficiency.


Symmons’ soap dispensers are both durable and stylish, designed to complement their extensive range of bathroom fixtures. These dispensers are known for their reliability, making them a good fit for both commercial and high-end residential markets.


Moen offers innovative and user-friendly soap dispensers with a range of manual and automatic models that focus on hygiene, durability, and ease of maintenance. Their products cater to diverse commercial needs and aesthetic preferences.


The market offers a variety of commercial soap dispensers from reputable manufacturers like ASI, Bobrick, A&J Washroom, Bradley, Taymor, Symmons, and Moen. Each brings something unique to the table, whether it’s durability, design, sustainability, or ease of use, ensuring there’s a perfect match for every commercial setting’s needs.

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Our team at Granite State Specialties is ready to assist you with selecting the right soap dispensers and handling the entire installation process. Let us take care of your restroom accessory needs, ensuring a seamless and professional experience from start to finish.

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