What You Should Know About Buying Commercial Bathroom Stalls

While some establishments like cafes or small restaurants are alright with having standard bathrooms, others get industrial, commercial bathrooms. Needless to say, having stalls is an important part of these areas. Movie theatres, hotels, arcades, malls, hospitals or shopping centers, universities, public libraries and other high-traffic areas benefit from having these bathrooms available to their customers.

Although many companies sell bathroom stalls to end-users, some companies sell their products through intermediaries. Bathroom stalls are not always sold directly from the manufacturer to the consumer. A few companies offer factory-direct service and material delivery to the consumer. You can buy bathroom stalls directly from an intermediary or directly from the service provider or factory. 

Purchasing Tips

When purchasing commercial bathroom stalls, it’s important to consider the following:

  • Ordering process
  • Price
  • Stall configurations

On Deliveries

Certain companies ship complete toilet stalls immediately. They do this whether it’s a residential or commercial setting. Make sure to check all points of contact; sometimes the transactions are online, other times phone calls to a dedicated hotline are required. Communication is key here.

On Materials

Regardless of the environment, coverage for the project is full…for some companies. If you have a choice, they’ll provide materials that are best suited for your conditions. Some companies will take into account both the environment and your own preferences when giving you your quote. Some companies let you decide

Commercial Bathroom Stall Classifications

Phenolic Commercial Bathroom Stalls

While some bathroom operators choose metal or laminate stalls, others choose phenolic bathroom stalls. These bathroom stalls are made of phenolic resin, making them available in solid colors and finishes, yet versatile with regards to design and looks. Phenolic bathroom stalls are lightweight and businesslike. One of the best things about phenolic bathroom stalls and partitions is that they’re resilient and strong. 

Best of all, they’re also easy to clean.

Plastic Laminated Commercial Bathroom Stalls

These stalls are visually appealing and easy to clean. This can be helpful if you want to download color patterns or add modern or classical twists to the doors. Solid plastic and laminate afford plenty of color and configuration flexibility. Custom designs with molded patterns might also be considered. 

Steel Commercial Bathroom Stalls

Stainless steel is one of the hardest-wearing materials on the market for bathroom fixtures, and therefore it’s used on many of the doors and stall gates in restrooms. Because stainless steel is easy to clean, it requires minimal maintenance and looks good, operators are adopting it more frequently. The doors are easy to clean because they are made of 100 percent steel, with no coatings or treatments. Because of this, they retain their original luster and shine. 

The designs are very attractive because they look modern while also conveying a feeling of class.


Commercial bathrooms stalls are necessary for bathrooms in public areas, such as hotels, hospitals and libraries. When buying them, consider the ordering process, price and stall configurations. The main classifications of commercial bathroom stalls are based on materials: plastic laminate, steel and phenolic. 

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