4 Benefits of Putting Parcel Lockers in Multifamily Buildings

Managing parcels in a multifamily building can become tricky and confusing for the tenants. Since packages hold a significant value to people renting their homes, it’s best that as a landlord for you to think about their package as yours too. Therefore, installing commercial parcel lockers to keep boxes organized is one of the best ways to show your tenants that you value them and their belongings. But how do they benefit from them? Here’s how.

1. More Secure Storage

Although the packages themselves aren’t the most valuable thing in your building, the items inside them are. People purchase something online and have it delivered to their homes. At this moment, they are very vulnerable, as they are not even home when the delivery happens.

Therefore, as a landlord, you want to ensure that your tenants’ packages are safe and secure—commercial parcel lockers work perfectly with that. They can store the boxes until they are retrieved by the tenants, keeping them away from thieves. Even if the packages need to be returned, the tenants can rely on their lockers to store them until they are shipped back.

2. Improves Access to Location

The best thing about commercial parcel lockers is that they are accessible 24/7—and they are located in prominent areas, easily accessible by tenants on any floor. Therefore, tenants can easily retrieve and drop off their packages without the need to go down to the lobby or even step outside their homes.

The best part is that tenants can access the parcel lockers via their preferred entry points, whether a keypad or a PIN code, depending on the type of locker you choose. This benefits tenants since, if they have packages, they can simply return home and retrieve them, saving time and effort.

3. Easier Package Tracking

It can be tough to track packages as you need to remember which tenant has which package, including their addresses and phone numbers. Commercial parcel lockers provide the perfect solution to this issue, as they get with barcode scanners.

Therefore, when the couriers deliver the packages, tenants will know where to find them. There’s no need to flip the whole place looking for a package moving forward.

4. Promotes No Contact Pickup

You may have heard of the term “no contact pickup” before—it is when the tenant has a package, but no one is home to receive it. And while this may seem like a nightmare for a landlord, commercial parcel lockers can solve the issue.

Some couriers allow tenants to pick up their packages at their convenience, even if they are not home. All they need to do is insert the package into the lockers when they want, and the tenant receiving the package will receive a notification that they can pick up their goods at their own time. The process allows tenants to maintain a better flow of life and relieves stress about packages that may or may not be delivered.


As a landlord, you want to provide the best service for your tenants, which is why parcel lockers are the perfect solution for multifamily living. Over the years, we have helped many landlords get parcel lockers installed in their buildings.

They will not only store the packages, but they will also make sure they are safe. Additionally, tenants should have access to them in every part of the building, making claiming the packages easier for everybody.

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