Keep Toilet Partitions Durable with These Trusted Tips

Whether made from plastic, steel, or granite, toilet partitions undoubtedly bring much-needed privacy when using the restroom. You can comfortably do your business knowing your seatmate won’t see you in an embarrassing bathroom situation.

Of course, maintaining this privacy means keeping those bathroom dividers in good working condition. Some ways you can do that are:

Installing and Closing Them Gently

Firm, sturdy materials don’t mean you can bang the door or install them haphazardly. Whether steel on steel or granite on granite, exerting too much force on these materials can cause marks, scratches, or even chips on the surface. Abruptly moving these bathroom stall dividers can cause misalignment and ruin their service life altogether!

Whether during installation or use, an air of gentleness will make your toilet partitions last for a long time.

Keeping Hot Items Away

Most toilet dividers are coated with a thin veneer that makes them shine from afar, adding a bit of elegance to such a bland item. This film also protects from minor marks and scratches but damage when in contact with a scorching object or surface! Thus, it is best to keep high-temperature items away to preserve their form and function.

Storing Extra Hardware Components

Screws, hinges, and bolts are small, necessary items that make a toilet stall divider function properly. Without them, there would be no door to close or open or a toilet partition to lock in place! Over time, these components also come loose or break, so it is essential to store extra pieces just in case.

Varnishing Wood Toilet Dividers Regularly

As mentioned earlier, the thin veneer adds shine and protection to solid partitions. This is most true, especially for wood. Even if they don’t come in contact with hot surfaces, they naturally wear out, hence the need for regular varnishing every two years. 

Maintain an even film throughout the surface, being careful not to overdo it, as internal and external temperature changes to the materials will cause it to break in half.

Regular Cleaning

Despite its veneer or varnish providing additional protection, one must still regularly clean toilet dividers to maintain its appearance.

Here’s an easy way to clean across a variety of surfaces:

  • Use a chamois cloth with warm water and a mild detergent.
  • If the stains or marks do not come off using the materials above, clean with a paste of baking soda and water.
  • Always use cleaning solutions with a neutral pH rating.

Do not use rough cloths, sponges, or acidic cleaning solutions, as they will destroy the veneer and leave unsightly marks on the surface.

Additional Ventilation

Steel, wood, and plastic toilet dividers all suffer from rust, whether from their natural state (metal) or hardware components (still made from metal). Moisture from the bathroom environment mixed with oxygen will speed up this process and damage your partitions even more. They can also leave a reeking, dank odor.

The best solution to this problem is an extractor fan. Instead of blowing downwards, it draws wind upward to remove moisture from the environment. It keeps your toilet dry and your partitions free from minor damages.

Additional Sunlight Protection

Unfortunately, direct sunlight ruins partitions by deforming them or melting the veneer coating. UV-coated windows are your best protection against these problems. If you need additional ventilation, open the windows from 6 AM to 9 AM and 6 PM to 6 AM.

One Last Thing

When installing toilet partitions, always work with professionals to find out the best ways to use and maintain them. Different manufacturers may have their unique variants on the materials mentioned here, so it’s ideal to consult best practices with them. Never go it alone with these bathroom stall dividers so you can keep them in good working condition for a long, long time.

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