How to Choose the Right Material for a Toilet Partition

Designing bathrooms is a serious job, especially when made for the public to use. In fact, the American Restroom Association takes toilets so seriously that they dedicate a whole page to regulations and laws about toilets and nothing else!

From handwashing stations to square footage and turning radius for ADA, everything involved with toilets mentioned in the rules and regulations matters. The material of your toilet partition is also an essential aspect of designing the bathroom—you want a material that ensures that users won’t slip when they’re using it, especially if they’re wet.

If you’re having trouble deciding what material is best for your bathroom dividers, consider the following factors:

1. Cost

If you’re on a tight budget, plastic bathroom dividers might be a good option for you. Not only are they affordable, but you can also easily mold them into any shape or design. If you’re on a tight budget, plastic bathroom dividers might be a good option for you. 

2. Durability and Resistance

If the toilet partition you’re about to buy will be exposed to a lot of moisture, the material should be resistant to mold and mildew. If the material isn’t resistant enough, it will deteriorate, which is dangerous to the users!

However, if you’re planning to build a bathroom that won’t be exposed to a lot of moisture, then this point won’t matter so much. But if you’re planning to install them in a public restroom, the material must be resistant to moisture. 

3. Appearance

It’s also important to consider the appearance of the material. It’s not just the material that should be made attractive, but the design of the toilet partition itself. Different colors, patterns, and designs can give it a unique look that will stand out among the rest.

If you’re planning to install your partitions in a public restroom, it’s a good idea to hire a designer to help you decide on the look and material of the dividers.

4. Maintenance

If the material is easy to maintain, then you’ll have one less worry on your mind. Different materials require different cleaning methods. For instance, stainless steel is cleaned with a simple mop and bucket of water. But with porcelain, the material is prone to staining. So if the material you choose is sensitive to stains and needs a lot of cleaning, it’s best to choose a material that’s easy to clean and maintain.

5. Safety

The material you choose should be durable and safe for the users. How your partitions look is not the only factor that matters. Whether you’re installing them in your personal bathroom or a public restroom, safety is a priority!


As you can see, there are a lot of factors to consider when deciding on the material for your bathroom dividers. We’ve tried to narrow it down to the most important ones that you should keep in mind before you make a decision. As long as you keep these in mind and source your bathroom dividers from a trusted provider, you’ll have nothing to worry about!

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