Bobrick Toilet Partitions Review

Bobrick Equipment Washroom Inc. has been a staple of the industry for over 100 years, having originated in North Hollywood, California. This article will focus on the different toilet partitions and cubicles that they have to offer. However, partitions are merely a division within this company.

Other products that Bobrick offer are baby changing stations, commercial childcare products, and a host of stainless-steel restroom accessories such as hand blow-dryers, soap dispensers, waste receptacles, paper towel dispensers, custodial accessories, and more.  

Like most businesses that have withstood the test of time, their success has greatly benefitted from acquiring other businesses over the years. In so doing, the company has been bolstered by diversifying its product base. 

Divisions of Bobrick

Bobrick is carved up into four different divisions aside from its base company. The divisions have been developed by acquiring different businesses that specialize in different niche areas of washroom equipment. Here they are:

Privada Toilet Cubicles

Privada cubicles are meant to replace the standard looking toilet partitions with a product that makes the toilet stall the restroom’s focal point. This division does tackle large projects but is more geared toward smaller, more intimate commercial applications. 

Koala Kare Baby Changing Stations

You’ve likely seen them, and perhaps you’ve used them. Koala Kare baby changing stations can be found in public restrooms worldwide. It is now just as common to see in a washroom as other restroom items such as the sink or paper towel dispensers. 

Koala Kare also manufactures high-chairs, infant seat cradles, booster seats, and a variety of accessories. 

Gamco Commercial Restroom Accessories

Gamco specializes in the fabrication of stainless-steel commercial restroom accessories. They manufacture grab-bars, fold up shower seats, towel dispensers, waste receptacles, hand dryers, toilet tissue holders, miscellaneous hardware, soap dispensers, and mirrors. 

Thrislington Cubicles

Thrislington Cubicles is Bobrick’s answer to European style toilet cubicles. Aside from cubicles, Thrislington has a ducting/paneling line and manufactures commercial vanities and mirror boxes. 

As far as the cubicles are concerned, this branch of Bobrick Washroom Equipment Inc. fabricates high-end decorative bathroom cubicles meant to outshine the standard partition unit. They are suited to provide for large-scale commercial and industrial projects and smaller, more intimate settings. 

About Bobrick Toilet Partitions

As you can see above, Bobrick depends on two different branches to provide partitions worldwide. For an American focus, they’ve got Privada, and for a European focus, they’ve got Thrislington. 

Both sub-companies are reputable, and both offer high-end cubicles. Though they are owned by Bobrick, they both function as two completely different companies. They have unique cubicles, one from another, and have remained focused on furthering technological advancements, staying on the cutting edge within the industry. 

Advantages of Having Multiple Sub-Companies within the Same Industry

Because they are two separate entities, they’ve focused efforts on different areas of advancement. This means that though they are owned by one company, you won’t get the same product from both sub-companies. 

For example, Thrislington specializes in fabricating units that don’t require traditional hinged doors but rely on two different door closing methods. One is a pivoting system, and the other is similar but includes a hydraulic door closing mechanism. California based Privada does have a self-closing door system but still uses hinges rather than the pivoting system.   

That is just one distinction between Thrislington and Privada. For a full rundown between these two businesses, please check out the article that compares the two called “Privada Partitions Vs. Thrislington.” 

That page will give you the details of the different styles, materials, and features involved with what both manufacturers provide for customers. Knowing the details between these two companies will unfold everything that Bobrick has to offer regarding toilet cubicles. 

Another major difference between the two is the materials used for the doors and panels. Privada focuses on using High-Pressure Laminate (HPL) and Wood Veneers. Thrislington, on the other hand, uses both HPL and Wood Veneers for their doors and panels but also uses Glass, Acrylic, Stainless-Steel, Aluminum, and CGL (Compact Grade Laminate).

Overall, that Privada makes every popular style of washroom cubicle with an American style peppered with European influences. Thrislington makes every popular style of European restroom cubicle and also custom units that fall outside of the norm, such as radiused or wavy patterns, rather than the standard “in-line” cubicle systems. 

The popular styles I’m referring to are floor to ceiling, floor mounted, ceiling hung, and floor anchored systems. In one way or another, both cover all four of these mounting patterns. 

Other Bobrick Partition Options

Privada and Thrislington cover the higher-end, fancier types of cubicles. Still, Bobrick also offers standard styles of partitions that you can find through their website: 

The “Traditional Partitions” and “Evolve Cubicles” lines are the lower end, more affordable options provided by Bobrick. In this section, Privada is also found due to them fabricating a lower-end system as well as their higher end. Through the “Steps to Spec” option found on their site, which is their made-to-order system. 

This is a great option if the cubicle requirements are unusual or require a custom fit. All you really need to do is decide on four categories- Select a system, choose a material, and choose your privacy option, followed by a design option.  

Final Thoughts

Bobrick Equipment Washroom Inc. has successfully gathered together a handful of companies under their brand, placing them among the biggest and most successful businesses in the bathroom accessory or washroom equipment industry. 

They have taken advantage of harnessing businesses that cater to regionally different washroom styles, giving them an advantage over their competition. Through the many avenues, they make available as far as cubicles and partitions are concerned, customers from all over the world can rely on their products. Currently, Bobrick has offices that stretch into almost every continent.

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