ASI Global Vs. Hadrian Toilet Partitions Review

Hadrian toilet partitions vs. ASI Global Toilet partitions. Which is better between the two? Here, we are going to review both of these companies, their toilet partition products, and services rendered to their customers.

Everyone’s used them; toilet partitions are the barrier that gives us our much-needed privacy when nature comes calling. Not everyone is interested in (or even aware of) the fact that there are different companies out there competing to build a better product.

ASI Global Vs. Hadrian Toilet Partitions

This article will be taking a good look into two of these different companies, and both specialize in manufacturing toilet partitions. They do have other products such as lockers and other public bathroom fixtures, such as toilet paper dispensers and baby changing stations, to name a few. But we’ll set those other items aside for now.

Similarities Between Hadrian and ASI Global Partitions

After checking out both of them, I found there are many similarities between their companies as well as their product lines.

  1. Both businesses are worldwide companies, with a host of different offices and facilities scattered from continent to continent.
  2. Neither of them offers any form of installation, and leave it to the buyer to see to having it installed. This only makes sense considering the magnitude of areas covered.
  3. Both businesses have been around for decades and enjoy the experiences that such longevity provides.
  4. Hadrian and ASI offer similar looking products that have similar options available for material and finish.
  5. They both similarly style their partitions. Meaning that there are only a handful of different ways to position these structures, and both brands cover them all.
  6. Both businesses operate similarly in that you need to contact them to work out details, requirements, as both of these will dictate pricing.

There are other small similarities between the two businesses, but from here, we’re going to dive into the details about both companies and what they offer for toilet partitions. More similarities will present themselves as well as some major differences.

Hadrian Toilet Partitions

Being named after the wall built by the Roman “Hadrian” that stretched over 70 miles across Northern England, Hadrian Inc. was founded back in 1983, after having purchased the toilet partition division from a company called Westeel Corporation out of Canada.

With headquarters spreading through the United States and Canada, they have grown into a global business, having sales representatives all over the world.


  • Stainless Steel Door and Panels with a Brushed and Polished Finish
  • Galvanized Steel Doors and Panels with a Powder Coated Finish
  • Four Styles to Choose From- Headrail Braced, Ceiling Hung, Floor Mounted, and Floor to Ceiling
  • All Doors, Panels, and Pilasters have a Honeycomb Core. (This is to increase rigidity as well as slight noise reduction.)
  • All Corners are Welded, Ground, and Polished Smooth- The welded corners provide integrity to the doors and panels.
  • Barrier-Free Lever Latches
  • Safety Release Latches
  • Rugged Hinging Hardware and Pins

Something that makes Hadrian unique is that they have three additional options to choose from. These are the Standard Series, the Elite Series, and the Elite Plus System. Each option gives you greater door and panel heights, with the standard being at 58” and the Elite Plus coming in at 72”.

All four major styles (Headrail Braced, Ceiling Hung, Floor Mounted, and Floor to Ceiling) are modifiable by these differing heights- except for the Elite, which omits the Floor Mounted style.

These combinations of options give the customer choices to think about as it relates to their user’s privacy versus cost.

ASI Global Partitions

ASI Integrated Building Products was first established in 1961 and has been involved with the Global Partitions Corporation since 1984. Their many products are used throughout the world, and sales representatives can be found internationally.


  • Stainless Steel Door and Panels with a Brushed and Polished Finish
  • Galvanized Steel Doors and Panels with a Powder Coated Finish
  • Solid Plastic (HDPE) Doors and Panels- Not available in Floor Anchored Style.
  • Plastic Laminate Moisture Guard- Particle board covered in laminate.
  • Black Core Phenolic Doors and Panels
  • Color Through Phenolic Doors and Panels
  • All Corners on the Stainless Steel and Powder Coat Doors and Panels are Welded, Ground, and Polished Smooth
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum Bracketry, Latches, and Hinges
  • Four Styles to Choose From- Headrail Braced, Ceiling Hung, Floor Anchored, and Floor to Ceiling

ASI has a wide array of options to choose from when it comes to materials used for their toilet partitions. All of the different plastic types opens up possibilities for customers, and each plastic type comes in a spectrum of different colors to choose from.

One notable aspect of their Plastic Laminate Moisture Guard option is that the seams are color-matched rather than the typical black seam. Color-matched seams give a more uniform and “one-piece” appearance.

Their HDPE and Color-Through Phenolic doors and panels are solid, with the chosen color staying the same all the way through. Black Core Phenolic has a solid black interior, with several different color or pattern options available for the exterior.


As you can see, both of these companies offer similar products while maintaining their own specialties as it relates to toilet partitions. They’re both reputable companies with long and successful track records.

In any superstore or mall you find yourself in, you’d likely find that the bathrooms are equipped with either the stainless steel or powder-coated panels and doors. These are the most common out there, and both of these companies offer a similar product in that regard.

Hadrian is unique in the differing heights available for the doors and panels. ASI is unique by offering a larger option of materials.

Between the two, I’d be more willing to work with ASI, to be honest, and here’s why.

Their selection of different material types will drastically impact price- likely more expensive for the phenolic. However, though the plastics might be more expensive, they’re more suitable toward restaurants or more intimate settings than say Walmart.

The options available through ASI cater to all areas of commercial and industrial type needs that can furnish a department store bathroom, or a smaller, fine dining restroom. Hadrian appears to gear itself more toward industrial or otherwise large restrooms.

Also, ASI offers to ship within 48 hours after an order.  I found this to be a better deal than much of what Hadrian offers. They, too, have an expedited option. Still, some conditions and changes apply, so you need to make sure that what you want is available for the specified expedited delivery.

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