Window Treatment Manufacturers of the Future

There are two types of window treatments such as soft windows and hard window treatments. The first one is made of soft materials and includes curtains, sheers, swags, hobbled style shades, valances, drapes, etc.

Hard window treatments – as the name indicates – are made of hard material such as vinyl and wood. Examples of hard window treatments are shutters, blinds, and shades. Also, a layered window treatment is the combination of both soft and hard window treatments.

Many companies manufacture window treatments. However, not all of them are the best. So, in today’s article, we will talk about 5 window treatment manufacturers of the future!

  1. Mecho Shade

Mecho Shade Systems is one of the leading manufacturers of window treatment and covering systems. This company offers a wide range of products – ranging from blinds, drapery hardware, and shades to customers all over the world.

Mecho Shade offers a highly sophisticated system of transparent and room darkening screens, which protect from sunlight and ways. The main function of Mecho products is customizable aesthetic designs, insulation, and block out of outside light.

Not matter if you need a chain-driven shade, a motorized window alignment system or multi-zone shading systems for your entire home, Mecho is the choice of many homeowners, commercial building owners, architects, and contractors.

Mecho System incorporates thorough research and engineering capabilities to manufacture its products. The company manufactures solar shading hardware, shade cloth, and accessories. So, from rectangular windows to trapezoidal, from bottom-up to top-down shades, Mecho offers the most energy-efficient shading products.

2: Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas offers a wide range of products such as shutters, blinds, and honeycomb shades, etc. This is a popular company and many building specialty contractors choose its products because of the variety, versatility, and customization options that fit any room.

The company shades are energy-efficient window treatments that you can use to control light and block UV rays of the sun. Honeycomb shades of the company provide an extra layer of insulation to your interior space. Thus, you can save money on energy bills.

Hunter Douglas offers easily operating shades. It offers Power View System, which you can use to control the shades with the press of a button on a Pebble Remote Control. You can also use Power View Smartphone Application to remotely control your Hunter Douglas Shades.

So, if you are interested in installing new window treatments, Hunter Douglas is your go-to company. You can use the company’s products to completely change the interior environment of your home. The large variety, designs, colors, and advanced technology is what makes this one of the best companies in the world.

3: Draper

Draper is a U.S based company that manufactures custom window treatment products for over 10 decades. Many construction companies recommend Draper’s products. The window shade system of the company works in almost any residential and commercial buildings.

You can choose from a wide range of products depending on your requirements. All design options available boost aesthetic appeal of your interior and offer practicality – i.e. blocking out sunlight and maintain insulation in winter and summer months.

Draper shades have different controls, which range from wall switches, manual bead clutch operation, and remote controls. There are many benefits of using Draper window treatments such as energy-saving – limiting the use of electric power. The shading technology allows for the management of solar and glare issues.

Both residential and commercial buildings have some sort of security system. Draper shades add an extra layer of security. The company uses cutting-edge technology in their products – for example, if you forget to close them while leaving your home or office, the motorized shades will automatically close to provide security.

4: WT Shade

WT Shade manufactures both manual and motorized solar shading products/systems for residential and commercial use. The company manufactures high-quality custom window shades.

They use advanced technology in their products that not only offer you to control natural lighting in your interior space but also a great sense of practical security.

For over 4 decades, the company has been making significant efforts to produce the top-notch quality roller shading products – all designed and engineered for hassle-free functions.

WT motorizes shades are window treatments designed to meet the needs of modern homes and offices. These products make your residential or commercial interior space smarter, easier, and more convenient.

WT uses specialized motor mechanisms, which allow these products to lower and raise automatically. You can also program the products through a smartphone app. There are also chains, cords, and cordless products available in different designs, colors, and mounting options.

5: Graber

Graber Blinds can keep your home protected from harmful sunlight UV rays. It can also maintain or balance the level of heat and cold in your interior space – thus providing insulation solutions. Graber offers a wide range of designs and styles for window coverings. They are not only comfortable but also provide a good aesthetic appearance.

Window Treatments come with different control options. For instance, Graber manufactures both cord control and cordless motorized shades. Graber offers advanced motorization for your window shadings – as they use Somfy technology – allowing you one-touch control via a remote. The shades are designed with a built-in Z-wave communication system. This allows you to connect with a compatible smartphone Z-wave smart hub app.

Although the price of Graber shades depends on your requirements, design, and color, you must know that Graber offers affordable products to the aforementioned manufacturers. The lower price options make this company one of the best in terms of window treatment manufacturing.

Moreover, Graber also offers wood window products, which are manufactured from natural materials. The purpose of this is the promotion of eco-friendly practices. The reusable and recyclable materials in these products is a great step towards corporate social responsibility.


If you are looking for high-quality and most practical window treatment products, these are the best manufacturing companies popular worldwide. Some of these manufacturers such as Hunter Douglas and WT shades are a bit expensive. However, Graber offers the most competitive pricing without comprising the quality of their products.

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