Designing an Office Theme from Top to Bottom

Most people spend the majority of their day in an office, in fact for the average worker around 30% of their waking hours will be spent at work. This means that it’s important to make sure that employees are comfortable when they get to the office. An easy way to do that is to design a workplace that’s both functional and fun.

One of the easiest ways to increase the appeal of office space is to let in more sun during the day. If you have big windows you can get window blinds that are easy to modulate the sun’s rays. This way you can let in as much light as the office needs to brighten it up. In addition, more and more offices have been moving away from the cubicle office set up and towards the open office design with about 70% of business having no or low partitions in the office place. This helps with a couple of factors.

  1. Desks take up less space which gives you more space around the office
  2. Collaboration increases because people are closer together and can speak with each other
  3. It lets in more sunlight because there are no cubicle walls blocking it from the inside.

However, this isn’t to say that you must abandon your cubicle if you already have one. In fact, the benefit of cubicles for offices that might make a lot of calls is that they help insulate employees from noise during office hours. So, if you have number of employees who work on the phones on a regular basis then this is a good option to consider.

Another key to office design is coming up with an office theme. This is easier than it sounds since it should all start with you company core and values. For instance, your company should already have colors that it uses in its logo and for other branded assets used by the company. This makes it easy to take those colors/ideals and incorporate them into your office. For instance, a lawn care company could outfit its office with blue and green colors to emulate its brand and at the same time decorate the office space.

Even though thinking about the office décor is important, make sure not to forget the bathrooms as well. A big part of office care is to make sure that the bathrooms you have are in tip top shape. This means you should get attractive toilet partitions which can come in a variety of styles and materials. For a modern look, stainless steel is a fantastic option, but for a traditional, clean design, wood partitions are more appropriate. Other amenities are important too such as paper towel dispensers and hand blow drying machines. Everything should come together to form on big positive experience.

And to give your workers peace of mind, office lockers and storage are another great option. They make it easy to securely store personal items for the day and leave them close by for whenever they’re needed. There are plenty of sizes that you can find for employee’s lockers ranging from double stacked to single door lockers, depending on what you need.

Finally, the last part to an effective office makeover is the decoration. This includes anything from wall art to table pieces. Wall décor helps set the mood to an office space so try to find something that fits your company. And make sure to look into adding plant life into the office. It will help make it look more appealing and there’s something to be said for having living plants in the office to help liven up the atmosphere.

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