Top Coin Operated Locker Manufacturers

Coin-operated lockers have grown in popularity in any business where either customers or employees need to use lockers for only a few hours at a time. In other words, situations where people need to temporarily store belongings. 

Water parks, public swimming areas, gymnasiums, bowling alleys, schools, and government entities are among the growing list of business types that have adopted the benefits of using coin-operated lockers. The following is a short list of some of the top coin-operated locker manufacturers that have been catering to the growing demand. 

Tiffin Metal Products

About Tiffin Meta Products

Tiffin Metal Products is located in Tiffin, Ohio, and has been in business since 1903. They fabricate a large variety of lockers but also manufacture material handling products, and sanitation cabinets, and they take in custom sheet metal orders as well.

Not only does this manufacturer fabricate coin-operated lockers, but they also have lines of Evidence Lockers, Wardrobe Lockers, Duty Bag Lockers, Firearm and Armory Racks, TA-50/Tactical Lockers, Visitor Lockers, and Mini Lockers. 

Out of all the listed product lines above, the two products that involve coin operation are the “Visitor Locker” and “Mini Locker”. The following is information about the Visitor Locker line as they are more versatile. For information about the mini lockers, visit

Visitor Locker Features

  • Concealed, pry-resistant locking systems are stashed out of sight and reach for added security.
  • Frames and doors are made from 16-gauge steel.
  • Units range between 1-6 doors.
  • They are suitable for indoor/outdoor environments.
  • A durable powder coat finish protects each unit inside and out.
  • Custom sizes and locker materials (stainless steel) are available upon request. 
  • The available locking mechanisms for this unit are the Coin/Token, Keyed, Hasp, Combo, and Digital Locks.
  • Louvered doors, stainless steel construction, sloped tops, and recessed trim, are all available options for the “Visitor Locker” product line.

Visit their website to check out the options concerning the height, width, and depth of their units via the link above. 

Republic Storage Products

About Republic Storage Products

Republic Storage Products is based out of Canton, Ohio, and has been in business since the late 1800s. Though the name has changed a few times throughout the years, the company never shifted away from its core product line, but rather, included and implemented a host of other products into its arsenal.

Locker Features

Republic Storage Products has several different lines of lockers, each having its particular features. For most locker lines, Republic leaves the lock mechanism as an option. In other words, the majority of their lines have coin-operated locks available upon order. 

One suggestion would be to find the locker system- that would best fit your industry or best serve your purposes, and contact a rep via email or a phone call to find out if the coin-operated lock systems are available for that style. 

Their product lines are:

  • PDQ Lockers
  • Corridor Lockers
  • Ventilated Gym Lockers
  • Sports Lockers
  • ADA Lockers
  • Metal Cubbies
  • Gear Lockers
  • Hardware and Locks (accessories and options for their lockers)
  • Locker Room Benches

For further information about the lockers that are available at Republic Storage Products, check out their website at From that page, you can check out each locker type, and the corresponding available options. 

Secura Coin Lockers

About Secura Coin Lockers

Secura Coin Lockers has been in business since 1978 and is currently based in Chatsworth, California. What makes this company separate from the others on this list, is that the majority of its product base is coin-operated locker systems, rather than a smaller piece of its product base.  

Locker Features

Because Secura has taken the route of specializing in coin-operated lockers, this would be the place you’d want to go if you want the largest variety of options. When it comes to coin-operated units, they make every shape or size that would make sense regarding locker units- fitting the needs of most industries that would be looking for systems of this type. 

Their website is extremely informative if you already have a rough idea of the style of locker you’re looking for. However, the locker specs and documents might be a little too much to chew on if you go in blind to simply browse through their lockers. 

They also offer technical and design assistance if a customer is unsure about the specified area vs what is doable. The number of options is far more lengthy than what serves our purposes here, so if you’d like to check them out, head to their website at

American Locker

About American Lockers

American Locker has been manufacturing products since the late 1800s and is currently headquartered out of North Las Vegas, Nevada. Though their accomplishments are many spanning over a century, their claim to fame (particularly according to the nature of this article) is that they are the inventor of the coin-operated locker.

Locker Features

There are two locker types that American Lockers manufactures that have a selection of coin-operated lock systems. The “Accessory Locker HS” and the “Custom Mechanical Line Asset Locker.”

The “Accessory Locker HS” line is a basic (or standard) small locker unit that consists of a 12-door system. The material is painted steel (Tropic Sand is used as their standard color for this unit) and has a coin-operated locking mechanism that supports 1-3 quarters, or 1 token. 

The “Custom Mechanical Line Asset Locker” is what you want to look into if you’re looking to make a lot of decisions to get the locker system that would best fit the industry it will be serving. Options like color, number of openings, material type, lock type, frame width, the quantity of tiers, and number of columns, can be modified to your specifications. 

For more information about American Locker and these two options, Visit their website at

Final Thoughts

While fishing through a boatload of locker manufacturers with the coin-operated lock systems in mind, a few things become apparent…

Your options get very limited, and the number of locker manufacturers who carry that lock type begins to get rather slim. The four manufacturers above will be your best shot at finding the right locker for your purposes.

Out of the four, the two that hit home a little harder might be American Locker and Secura Coin Lockers. 

American Locker because they innovated the coin-operated lockers in the first place, and are more likely to have their finger on the pulse on the latest and greatest tech in the industry. 

But Secura Coin Lockers has a selection that blows everyone else out of the water. They are specifically geared toward this specific type of locker. For that, I think you’ll be more likely to find what you’re looking for if it falls outside of the norms.

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