Hands-Free Operation Through Contactless Restroom Accessories

When it comes to public bathrooms, contactless restroom accessories have been around for quite some time. They were almost taken for granted, not relied on too much. Most people didn’t mind touching different things like handles, buttons, or levers.

Today’s environment is a completely different scene. A far greater number of people are hoping that the bathroom they need to use is equipped with contactless restroom accessories. The fear of contracting germs has been amplified due to the extended onset of Covid-19. 

The less we need to touch with our bare hands in a public restroom, the spread of germs, no matter what they are, is greatly reduced. The following is a list of the most popular items to look for regarding hands-free operation in public restrooms. 

Automatic Soap Dispensers

Hands may be clean after touching a soap dispenser, but not before. If there is anything communicable on a soap dispenser button or lever, you’re touching it before washing your hands. 

If hands are half-heartedly washed, there’s no guarantee that whatever you touched on the dispenser came off. This is the beauty of touch-free or automatic dispensers. 

Automatic Faucets

Similar to a soap dispenser, hands are not clean when a lever is pulled, knob twisted, button pushed, or whatever the means is incorporated to turn on the manual faucet. Unlike a soap dispenser, you need to touch it again with clean hands after you’re done. 

If there was something already on the lever or knob before you washed your hands, it’d be there waiting for you when you shut it off as well. Automatic faucets remove this issue, allowing your freshly clean hands to stay that way.

No-Touch Flushing

Thanks to contactless flushing systems, we no longer have to wince and hope for the best when flushing a public toilet. Nor do we have to do a balancing act while trying to hit the lever with a shoe. 

Automatic Paper Towel Dispensers

Of all, this is the most annoying but also equally as important as those aforementioned. Annoying due to the scant amount of paper towels are dispensed that never seems to be enough to get the job done. Important because it is another point of contact that is eliminated.

Contactless paper towel dispensers are great for getting the job done in a hurry. However, you may need to move across its sensor a couple of times to get an adequate amount of paper towels.

Automatic Hand Dryers

Contactless hand dryers are for those who aren’t in any hurry and prefer to blast their hands clean through the forced warm air. These, like all of the other motion sensor hands-free accessories, require you to trip a sensor, causing it to operate. 

They tend to take a little longer to dry your hands than paper towels, but the end result is the same, and if you’re one that tries to use fewer paper products, then this is your pick.

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