Building a Public Toilet? Here Is Your Guide for Partitions

A bathroom stall divider may seem like such a small aspect that people do not usually think about. However, for those involved in building bathrooms, especially public toilets, the partition is something they need to choose carefully.

In this article, we discuss the several factors you should consider whenever you are choosing a bathroom partition. By considering all these factors, you will be able to select the perfect bathroom partition for your commercial toilet. Read on to learn more.

Factors To Consider

There are various factors you will need to consider when choosing the partition. There are different types of bathroom dividers, so after taking into account these factors, you should choose the most appropriate partition for you.

1. Durability

Considering that you are choosing a divider for a public bathroom, it needs to be durable and withstand the number of people using it. It may face constant wear and tear as people will always be touching it, leaning on it, or even vandalizing it. Choose the partition that can go through all of these and still last long.

2. Cost

You will need several partitions for your public toilets. The price of each type will vary, especially if it comes from different suppliers. It is important that you note how many you will need and what your budget is. Just make sure to choose one that is both within your budget and still has a high quality.

3. Lifespan

While durability talks about its sturdiness against difficult and harsh conditions, the lifespan will talk about how long the material will last. Some materials may deteriorate more quickly than others, especially if not cared for properly. This could result in you having to constantly change your partition, and you will end up spending more unnecessary costs on your public toilet.

4. Fire-resistance

Fires in commercial bathrooms are a common occurrence. Due to how common it is, you will have to consider the material your partition is made of and how it will stand against a fire. Try to choose a fireproof or fire-resistant material that will stay safe in case of an accident.

5. Appearance

Just because it is a public toilet, that does not mean it shouldn’t have to look nice. Make sure to choose a partition that has a pleasing appearance and will fit in with your bathroom’s main aesthetic. It is also ideal to try and select cleaner-looking partitions so people can see the cleanliness of the entire bathroom.

6. Compliance

Depending on where you are located, each state may have its own laws on how bathrooms should be designed. Before you go ahead and just choose any random bathroom stall divider that you enjoyed looking at, make sure to check the material it is made of. Once done, you can check out your local government’s jurisdiction in regards to bathroom partitions and what they require.


A bathroom partition is not simply just a wall that will prevent you from seeing other people or protect you privately in the bathroom. Rather, it was chosen carefully considering different factors that would affect both the quality of the public toilet and how long it will be operational without complaints. Make sure to consider the factors mentioned above before you finalize your decision on the partition.

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