5 Factors to Consider in Choosing a Projector Screen Size

Watching through a screen projector is a typical practice, especially in cinemas. However, if people want to achieve the same results from a pull-down projector screen, other factors to consider aside from the wall the images will project. Here are common elements to consider in choosing the best projector screen size in the market.

1. Image Size

Image size is the first thing to consider when buying a projector screen. The screen is a magnifying glass for the projected light from the projector. As a result, the image size is almost the same as the image size of the projector.

The larger the image size is, the larger the projector screen size must be to maintain the clarity and sharpness of images. In addition to choosing the right image size, it’s also advisable to choose square image size. It’s because it increases the image’s size without decreasing the size of the screen. It helps to maximize the image size without sacrificing the screen size.

2. Screen Surface

The screen surface is the second thing to consider when buying a projector screen. There are several types of projector screens to choose from, and the best among them is the pull-down screens. Compared to the fixed projector screens, it is easier to adjust and remove the pull-down projector screens. Models are also available with a screen surface that is both fixed and pull-down.

There are a variety of screen surfaces to choose from when buying a projector screen: cloth, permanent, pull-down, and fixed screens. All types vary in use and user preference.

3. Distance

Buyers should also consider the distance of the projector to the screen. If the projector is too close to the screen, it can produce a shadow effect. The result is blurry because the projector will be out of focus.

The best projector screen size is entirely dependent on the projector itself. If the walls are too far from the projector, the image on the screen will be too small to fill the screen. It is, therefore, necessary that the distance is not more than 4-6 meters.

4. Screen Material

There are various screen material options in the market, including the traditional screen made from taffeta, vinyl, and semi-truer materials. The material depends on the purpose it needs to serve. For example, some prefer glass surfaces over acrylic and fabric for several reasons.

5. Brand and Price

Lastly, the price of the projector screen is also an important consideration. A good projector screen is not cheap. However, it does not mean that the best projector screen size is the most expensive. It should be in a good balance with the price, the quality and the purpose of the screen.

Different brands make projectors, and each brand has unique features that are useful for specific purposes. Be sure to do your research and identify the best projector brand that suits your needs. It’s essential to buy a projector screen that matches your brand of projector.


The best projector screen size perfectly balances quality, purpose, and price. If people consider all these factors, the best projector screen size will be easy to identify. Searching for the best projector screen size is not easy. It requires a lot of research and consideration of the projector’s specifications and the projector screen.

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