Smoke Doors & Fire Curtains

Preventative Measures for Smoke and Fire Containment are Now Required in All New Buildings

Fire Protective Smoke Curtains

The gravity fail-safe smoke and fire curtains have market-leading features and the highest technical specifications available, yet offer cost-effective and flexible solutions to fire and smoke control.

Integrated Smoke Door Systems

The locally manufactured Syntégra™ Integrated Door System is created to include all working hardware and the door into a single integrated package.

Elevator Smoke Curtains

The smooth controlled descent of these smoke curtains works on a gravity fail-safe technology that requires no power to close and is fully synchronized with the building’s fire and life safety system.

Accordion Smoke Curtains

Hours of protection for a variety of applications without the need for columns or corner posts. Applications include Atriums, Stairwells, Escalators, and other custom applications.

Integrated Smoke Curtains

Fire protective Smoke Curtains are totally gravity-fail safe and incorporate the latest in electronic technology. As a result, these curtains are one of the most advanced, yet cost-effective systems on the market.

Elevator Fire Doors

The Elevator Smoke Door Assembly has been tested in compliance with Smoke and Fire ratings for up to 8′-6″ x 10′-0″ openings.

Automatic Fire Protective Smoke Curtains