Division 11: Equipment

Division 11 of CSI MasterFormat is all about Equipment. To reel in such a broad topic, this division covers any equipment that a building, residence, or other types of facilities could ever require.

This equipment is reviewed and included in a building’s design in the engineering phase, or figured out and added in during the construction phase. The purpose of Division 11 is to make this process standardized, allowing the purchasing of equipment reliable and predictable.

MasterFormat Division 11

The following list covers the sections that are included in division 11 of the MasterFormat. Subcategories will be brushed upon to give context and further explain each section.

Different items will be included as examples of the types of things being covered per section, but are not the full lists of items or item types.

11 10 00- Vehicle and Pedestrian Equipment

Vehicle Service Equipment

Vehicle service equipment includes every kind of lift available to garages and auto manufacturers, exhaust hose systems, vehicle restraints, tire changing systems, carwash equipment, and battery chargers (applies for residential and commercial).

Parking Facility Equipment

Parking facility equipment includes garage door openers, gates, security bollards, barrier cable systems, electric vehicle charging stations, parking fees and ticket collection units, and parking meters.

Loading Dock Equipment

Loading dock equipment that falls under this category is fork truck traffic lights, barriers, safety rails, loading dock seals, levelers, lifts, truck restraints, platforms, and miscellaneous equipment considered to be stationary or mobile.

Pedestrian Control Devices

These are devices meant to assist in and control the flow of foot traffic. Train stations, subways, and fairs are commonplace for these types of devices. Some examples are pedestrian gates, rotary gates, temporary railings and posts, fare collection equipment, security detection devices, and pedestrian counting systems.

11 15 00- Security, Detention, and Banking Equipment

Security and Vault Equipment

This section covers vaults of every kind, vault doors for safe rooms, safe deposit boxes, and electronic locking systems.

Teller and Service Equipment

Things such as security systems catering to drive through’s- such as a drive-through banking area. This would include the sliding security window, ATM /Open/Closed lights, security drawers, and air curtains (heavily dependent on the services rendered).

Detention Equipment

Detention equipment would be any and all furnishings and security items used and incorporated in a high-security purposed structure.

11 20 00 – Commercial Equipment

Mercantile Equipment

Mercantile equipment includes store fixtures and retail-based equipment. Items would include vending machines, money-changing machines, checkroom equipment, wrapping equipment, weighing equipment, beauty shop equipment, barbershop equipment, refrigerated units, photo processing gear, commercial laundry machines, dry cleaning equipment, and cash registers.

Banking Equipment

Vaults, safes, safety deposit boxes, deal trays, teller, and service equipment, are some of the items that fall under the Banking Equipment category.

Commercial Laundry & Dry-cleaning Equipment

Dry cleaning, drying and conditioning, Finishing, and commercial ironing equipment, are all covered under the Commercial Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Equipment section. Also included are commercial washers and extractors.

Photographic Processing Equipment

Photo processing equipment pertains to professional film development that involves darkroom equipment and supplies.

11 30 00 – Residential Equipment

Residential Appliances

All residential appliances fall under this category, such as kitchen, laundry, and air handling/exhaust fan appliances. Refrigerators, ovens, toaster ovens, dishwashers, and microwaves are all examples of residential kitchen appliances.

Unit Kitchens

Unit kitchens are most often used in culinary education places, displays at department stores, or any place where a recreation of an in-home kitchen is wanted. These are most often used for instructional purposes in schools.

Retractable & Folding Attic Stairs

Any style or material type of retractable stairs are included under this title.

11 40 00 – Food Service Equipment

Cooking Equipment

Grills, burners, drive-through windows, commercial dishwashers, or specialty cooking appliances are found within this category.

Food Dispensing Equipment

Food dispensing equipment is products that dispense either food or drink. Common examples would be bar taps and equipment, service line equipment, soda fountains, or ice dispensers.

Ice Machines

This section has to do with any type of commercial ice machine.

Cleaning and Disposal Equipment

This section involves commercial equipment that cleans pots and pans, dishes, and waste disposal systems. Commercial kitchen hoods and all involved also fall within the “disposal” category.

11 50 00 – Educational and Scientific Equipment

Library Equipment

This category includes library ladders, mobile storage shelving units, stationary shelving, and the various furniture one may find in the library.

Audio-Visual Equipment

This section includes items such as projection screens (fixed, rear, and portable), projectors, video players, recorders, AV equipment, and all bracketry and supports.

Laboratory Equipment

Incubators, fume hoods, sterilizers, equipment washers, refrigerators, freezers, controlled environment cabinets, and safety cabinets are a few of the items included in the laboratory equipment category.

Arts and Crafts Equipment

The arts and crafts section covers equipment used to create, such as kilns or exhibit equipment.

11 60 00 – Entertainment Equipment

Theater and Stage Equipment

These are the things that are incorporated for a stage, such as curtains (including rails and anything else they entail), acoustic shells, portable staging, rigging systems, lights, and light rigging.

Instrumental Equipment

These are instruments incorporated into a building’s construction, such as clocks, bells, and carillons.

11 65 00 – Athletic and Recreational Equipment

Athletic Equipment

This category is primarily for indoor equipment like batting cages, golf cages, exercise equipment, interior scoreboards, and equipment furnished to cater to particular sports (basketball hoops or volleyball nets).

Recreational Equipment

Some of the items in this section would equip bowling alleys, shooting ranges, pool halls, or other family recreational destinations.

Playfield Equipment and Structures

The items covered under this section would be primarily outdoor equipment such as playground equipment and structures, basketball, volleyball, tennis, soccer, baseball, track and field equipment, and exterior scoreboards.

11 70 00 – Healthcare Equipment

Medical Equipment

Narcotics lockers, sterilizing equipment, examination, treatment equipment, or any other medical piece that must be installed into the building falls under this category.

Cremation Equipment

This covers the equipment involved in the cremation of humans and animals. Some items include incinerators, trays, tables, and solid waste incinerators.

Veterinary Equipment

Veterinary equipment would include furnishings, technical diagnostic equipment, and other commonplace structures in a Vet office or animal clinic.

11 80 00 – Facility Equipment

Facility equipment includes window washing equipment, facility fall protection, and solid waste handling equipment. A few of the items you’d find involved would be housekeeping carts, vacuum systems, floor and wall cleaning equipment.

11 90 00 – Other Equipment

Religious Equipment

Religious equipment includes pews, baptismals, and other features that are often incorporated into church buildings.


Division 11 of CSI MasterFormat covers a wide range of products. The different pieces of equipment were too numerous to be listed here.

The whole point of the matter is for builders to know what they are dealing with and can use standards to accommodate each piece of equipment in a repeatable and reliable way.

In most circumstances, prints and diagrams for these pieces of equipment are available for builders to get their hands on, greatly speeding up the building process. They can foreknow what they need to do for prep-work and make the building process smoother.

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