5 Points to Assess When Designing a Commercial Bathroom

With a commercial space, there are a lot of essential rooms and features that you need to think about. One key thing that so many establishments and offices end up overlooking is their workplace or commercial bathroom.

A person’s experience during their restroom breaks can make quite an impact on their own productivity and headspace, as linked together in an Armitage Shanks study. Thus, it’s probably better to place more emphasis and effort on the design of the commercial bathroom.

What should you assess when coming up with a design plan for the common bathroom space? Here are five points that you should consider:

1) Fixtures

The fixtures of the commercial bathroom are key to what makes a good bathroom. Toilets and sinks are pretty much a staple when it comes to the design plan of a personal bathroom, but it’s best to go above and beyond with the restroom accessories and other amenities.

Plus, to avoid long queues at the washroom that can give the wrong impression about your commercial space, try to have two to three toilets available. Install good quality toilet partitions alongside that to provide everyone privacy, effectively reducing waiting times.

2) Budget

Your design plan will run into certain problems, and some of them may be in regard to your own financial capabilities. Budget can limit the commercial bathroom design you’re coming up with, so act according to the available funds.

Aside from appealing to your initial budget, try to assess how much your commercial bathroom’s going to cost afterward and plan ahead. Settling for lower installation and fixture prices might affect your future expenses, racking up repair costs and water bills. Aim for cost-efficiency.

3) Regulations

Your commercial bathroom will have to comply with any building codes and regulations that you may have for a specific area or state. Gaining some information from the local building your office space operates in can give you the insight you need.

See these rules as guidelines for the final design plan of your commercial washroom rather than restrictions. After all, if you decide to follow through with them, you’ll get a pretty decent restroom that would land your company the proper permits to keep it open for use.

4) User Profiles

Try to figure out who will use the commercial bathroom that you’re trying to design. A restroom for office workers would be far different from a washroom for mall visitors, gym-goers, or restaurant patrons, due to volume and expectations. Although the core fixtures are there, the actual layout and look should depend on the profile of the bathroom users.

5) User Experience

As implied around every point, one thing that you need to assess when coming up with a commercial bathroom design is the kind of user experience that you’re trying to deliver. The ideal bathroom is one that would have plenty of space, well-maintained, odor-free, and functional.


Making these several considerations can lead to a much more fulfilling bathroom experience in your commercial space. Once constructed, every person who makes their way to the bathroom will surely find solace through their restroom breaks for the day.

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