4 Benefits of Having Bathroom Stalls in Your Business

Why do commercial establishments need commercial bathroom stalls? The answer to this question is not as simple as it seems. 

When choosing the right type of commercial bathroom stalls for any given business establishment, space, budget, signage, maintenance costs, ADA compliance, and capacity are important factors to consider.

So, why are they essential? Here are five reasons why:

1. Allows for More Privacy

It’s common in establishments to have single-occupancy restrooms. Although this may seem like a good idea at first, the truth is, it’s inconvenient, especially if you accommodate the elderly and children in your space. This is where commercial bathroom stalls come into the picture. 

Toilet partitions with open waiting areas are crucial if you usually have families in your establishment. 

2. Caters to More People

Does your business cater to a lot of people daily? In that case, a single-occupancy bathroom won’t cut it. You don’t want to make your customers wait in line for the toilet, which can be impractical, not only for them but also for your business. Just imagine the wear and tear the bathroom has to go through every day and the number of cleanings that must be done within the day. 

With that, commercial bathroom stalls are more practical and economical. 

3. Deals with Customers with Mobility Issues

Every business has the moral responsibility to cater to people with disabilities. This is why having commercial toilet partitions customized to cater to the specific needs of people who visit your establishment is important. You can have a specialized bathroom for people with disabilities that comply with ADA requirements. 

4. Promotes BetteÍr Hygiene

As a business owner, you want to make sure your area is always clean as well as the people in it. Single occupancy restrooms can’t guarantee you cleanliness and hygiene because an individual who makes a mess inside can already impact the entire area. 

You’ll find that commercial bathroom stalls are easier to clean and maintain. As a result, you can promote better hygiene around the establishment. 

Pay Attention to Your Bathroom

Indeed, the bathroom in a commercial area is often overlooked. However, it’s crucial you pay close attention to this as this can affect your overall business. Make sure that employees and the people that visit your establishment have access to a proper restroom. 

By installing commercial bathroom stalls instead of having a single-occupancy restroom in your commercial space, you get to cater to more people, even those with disabilities. Additionally, you get to promote better hygiene in the workplace that will increase the safety and cleanliness in the area. 

Set Up Those Commercial Bathroom Stalls Today

Business establishments are constantly looking for ways to improve their image. A lot of improvements can be made in the bathroom area. Commercial bathroom stalls are among the perfect solutions for enhancing an establishment’s decor in general, particularly in making customer restrooms in commercial establishments suitable for use by people in wheelchairs.

Fortunately, there are many companies out there that can offer you quality toilet partitions for your commercial space, just like Granite State Specialists.

Get your bathroom stall dividers today at Granite State Specialists. We are a full-service construction specialties company that offers major toilet partition brands and products and many more. We serve clients in New Hampshire, Boston, and the rest of New England. Request a quote now!

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