Panic Hardware & Exit Device Openings

XT Series Flush Exit Device Openings

If you’re looking for a door system that blends seamlessly with the design of a building, yet requires the best in safety, security, and functionality, you’d be well served with Syntegra’s XT Series Integrated Door System. The importance of everyday aesthetics is one area where this exit door parts ways with the competition. 

Configurable, customizable, and adaptable, are three ways you can describe Syntegra’s flow of design with this system without the byproduct of sacrificing the desired purposes the door is designed for. Handsome and appropriate designs for all industries are available, such as commercial, industrial, educational, and institutional, exceeding all the strictest fire and safety codes.

Typical Applications

The following are usual applications used for single exit doors, double exit doors, pairs, and double exit pairs. 

  • Gathering Areas- Faith-based buildings such as churches, stadiums, theaters, eating establishments, recreational buildings, and more 
  • Waiting Areas and Passage- Lobbies, stairwell entrances, and stairwell exits
  • Partitioning- Cross corridors, hospital sectional doors
  • Egress Points- Exits out of the building, stairwell exterior exits in hotels, motels, inns, etc.


  • Tested Durability
  • Thick-walled aluminum construction
  • The push bar has mechanisms that keep the bar retracted for maximum unobstructed space to allow unrestricted passage through the door. 

Enhanced Security

  • Patented friction-limiting latch bolt with 7/8″ throw
  • Available in top latching or top and bottom latching
  • Exterior lever with anti-abuse clutching
  • Essential operating mechanisms are incorporated within the thick walls of the door preventing any form of tampering and protection from abuse or vandalism. 


  • A variety of options to suit multiple needs per ANSI requirements
  • The system is access control ready and may be equipped with latch retraction, RX options, and electrified levers.
  • The Electrical options have been standardized as kits, making it easier to upgrade as needed if improvements are released. 

Uncompromised Safety

  • The exit devices are compliant with UL 305 (flush panic hardware) and UL 10C fire tests and are equipped with either single-point top latching or top and bottom latching. 
  • The push bars remain drawn back when the door is in the open position to make the most of the clearance within the opening.
  • Incorporated into the system are top-latching mechanisms rather than side latch bolt and strike for single doorways and pair doorways to avert snagging up clothing or equipment.
  • Optional antimicrobial coatings are available for health centers, instructional, and other hygienic-sensitive environments.
  • A simple sanitary release feature called CleanVue allows for full access to the push bar for disinfecting without dismantling.

Unequaled Aesthetics

  • Minimized push bar end caps and hidden fasteners provide a clean, streamlined appearance.
  • The push bar can be ordered with an architectural finish or matched to a building’s existing décor.
  • Levers are available in popular designs and finishes and come without an escutcheon.
  • Décor Series levers are an option that can be used to make a unique architectural statement or to match other hardware used on a project.
  • Optional integrated top strike hardware removes the need for a surface-mounted secondary plate.
  • Projection-type latch bolt decreases the top strike visibility and minimizes the top door “notch” required by top strike hardware.
  • No floor strikes are required for this system, which means fire rating requirements are met without needing bottom latch bolts.

ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Exit Device Functions

Model NumberANSI FunctionDescription
XT01Exit Only, no trim.
XT-LC03Entrance by fixed lever/pull – latch released by key. Key removable when locked (Nightlatch).
XT-LC08Entrance by lever. Key locks or unlocks lever.
XT-LC09Entrance by lever. Key removable when locked (Nightlatch).
XT-LC210Entrance by lever. Inside or outside key locks or unlocks lever. Outside key releases latch.
XT-C13Entrance by key.
XT-L14Entrance by lever. Always active, no cylinder.

If our standard levers don’t match your style preferences please ask about our Décor Lever Series.

Antimicrobial coatings are available for healthcare, education, and other germ-sensitive environments.

Hardware Specifications

Device FunctionsConfigured from the factory. See Function Chart for description.
Fire RatingsListed for Panic Hardware (UL305) and for positive pressure fire tests (UL10C) with single-point top latching or top and bottom latching.
Pushbar Height4”
Pushbar Width15 ¼” (387 mm) for 24″ to 29-15/16″ openings
18 ¼” (464 mm) for 30″ to 35-15/16″ openings
24 ¼” (641 mm) for 36″ to 41-15/16″ openings
30 ¼” (768 mm) for 42″ to 51″ openings
Pushbar Projection – Extended1-3/16″ (30 mm)
Pushbar Projection – Depressed or
with Door Held Open
3/16″ (5 mm)
Pushbar Centerline38-1/2″ (978 mm) from structural floor (not including floor covering).
Pushbar Materials6063-T6 Extruded Aluminum with finish inserts.
StrikesTop strike can be mortised or surface applied (P/N TSK-1 Kit). Bottom strike, if applicable, is a ½” diameter hole threshold or surface strike (P/N BSK-1 Kit).
Electrical OptionsRX – Request to Exit. Provides a switch closure when the exit device is actuated.
RX2 – Same as above with two independent SPST switches.
ML – Motorized latch retraction quietly and efficiently retracts the latch(es) and pushbar when energized. Configured for fail-secure to comply to fire ratings.
LM – Latchbolt monitoring provides notification when the latch is extended.
ELS – Electrified lever. Energizing allows lever to rotate to retract the latch(es). Fail-Secure or Fail-Safe available.
MountingConcealed fasteners on pushbar end caps, latches and handles.
LatchboltsTop latching standard with – 7/8″ (22.2 mm) throw. Projection type – friction limiting-design with deadlatch feature. Bottom – Stainless Steel 5/8″ throw bolt with conical tip.
Optional Keyed CylinderStandard diameter Mortise Cylinder with ‘standard’ cam. Accepts 1″ cylinder length or greater. Cylinder in excess of 1” requires a spacer collar equal to this excess (Example 1-1/8″ length requires a 1/8″ collar).
Function 10 – Back-to-back CylindersRequires a 3/16″ collar for a 1″ cylinder length. For longer cylinders, use the following to dimension the collar: Cylinder Length –1” + 3/16”= Collar (Ex. 1-1/4″ requires a 7/16” collar).