Automatic Flush Bolt Doors

FX Series Auto-Latching Flushbolt Panel

Advanced functionality, neat and trim appearances, clutter-free aesthetics- such is what one would say to describe Syntegra’s FX Series auto-latching flush bolt system. 

Syntegra’s FX Series Auto-Latching Flush Bolt Door System focuses on securing an unused side of a pair-door system by smoothly inserting a lock bolt through the frame’s header upon closing, and is installed within the top of the inactive door. Regardless of which side is being opened or closed (unlike conventional systems), the FX Series distributes positive latching however the sequence might be. Both doors of a pair-door system become usable when the active door causes the flush bolt to retract.

Typical Applications

The following applications apply when the FX series is included in XT, PX, and LX systems while being incorporated into the active door of standard or unequal pair-door systems.

Building Types or Applications

  • Offices- Elevator access routes
  • Hospitality- Lobbies, Elevator access routes
  • Miscellaneous Uses- Elevator access routes, cross corridors, hallway section divisions, or similar means of access
  • Industrial or Commercial Uses- Unequal pair door openings, elevator cab or hoistway protection


  • Installed in the closed side of pair-door
  • Fully compatible with PX, LX, and XT systems
  • SS Latch bolt with a .75” throw
  • Trigger contact promotes latch bolt engagement within the active door side
  • No door coordination is necessary- the system remains self-latching
  • When the active side is opened, the system automatically unlatches
  • Included is a curved lip T-Strike
  • Paintable 630 Satin Finish Stainless Steel Faceplate
  • UL10C 3hr fire-rated single-point top latching hardware with supporting fire pin
  • Automatic Flush bolt that satisfies ANSI/BHMA Type 25 standards

Unequaled Aesthetics

  • All hardware is concealed within the door structure
  • Exterior or unconcealed door coordination hardware becomes a non-entity, no longer needed for the system
  • There is no longer any need for latching hardware to the floor, as the top latching mechanisms meet fire standards
  • The faceplate is paintable, able to be finished to match an existing décor