We’ve all seen them- bicycle racks that string along the front of shopping centers all over the country. If you’re going to consider Dero’s product line of bicycle racks, you’ll have to throw the mental picture of ordinary bike racks out the window. 

Though Dero does have the traditional bike rack style in their commercial product line, you’ll find that it’s only a sliver of what they bring to the outdoor security décor scene. Bright colors, wide radius pipe work, creativity, and engineering mastery, cause Dero bike racks to work above their function, entering into the realm of fanciful outdoor furniture. 

Dero bike racks can come in all shapes and sizes, catering to any situation where bicycle security is at the forefront. Dero products range from racks to pumps; from shelters to lockers- anything to keep your bike safe and secure.

Commercial Bike Racks

This is the largest category within the Dero product list. The variety of racks spans from outdoor singular units or outdoor multiple-bike-locking units to indoor racks for stores to show off their inventory. 

Here’s a list of the commercial rack varieties:

  • Bike Hitch- A hitch built from thick tubing yet accommodates all bike locks.
  • Hoop Rack- A simple floor-to-floor hoop design made from thick tubing.
  • Heavy Duty Hoop Rack- Same as the “Hoop Rack” but made from a much thicker pipe.
  • Swerve Rack- Function’s similar to the “Hoop Rack” but with a more stylish appearance.
  • Downtown Rack- Similar to the “Hoop Rack” but is rectangular with radiused corners.
  • Round Rack- Similar to the “Hoop Rack” but shaped like a large circle.
  • Arc Rack- A circular rack made from square tubing.
  • Cycle Dock- Laser-cut steel plate rack that parks two bikes.
  • Bike Shaped Bike Rack- Just as the name denotes- a rack shaped like a bicycle.
  • Rolling Rack- A single piece of tubing that is rolled to hold and secure multiple bikes- usually 5 to 11 total.
  • Campus Rack- Supports the bike while supporting the bike’s fork. They can secure up to 11 bikes per unit.
  • Helix Rack- A single piece of tubing formed into a helix, enabling it to hold multiple bikes.
  • Hi Roller Racks- This unit is similar to the “Rolling Rack” but contains a unique bend that changes the look as well as the stability of the original design.
  • Icon Hitch- Hitch with a variety of graphics that can be affixed to the hitch.
  • Type Ryder Racks- Racks are designed as large colorful letters.
  • Logo Bike Racks- Racks that bear logos between the pillars of the rack.
  • Image Infusion Racks- Similar to the Logo Rack, but yields a photo-quality graphic.
  • Ultra Space Saver Squared- This unit hangs bikes with tires to the wall rather than tires on the ground.
  • Ultra Space Saver Single- Wall-mounted unit that holds a single bike’s tires against the wall.
  • Bike File- Hangs bikes by the front tire, enabling them to be locked on the frame. Holds 9 bikes within an 8-foot space.
  • Bike Hook Solo- A simple yet effective unit that holds a single bike up against the wall.
  • Dero Decker- A sophisticated two-tier bike stacking and locking system.
  • Dero Duplex- A simpler design of a two-tier bike stacking and locking system.
  • Cycle Stall Basic- A unit that enables on-street bicycle parking for multiple bikes.
  • Cycle Stall Elite- An on-street bike corral that offers more rigidity than the basic unit.
  • Switchback- Allows for horizontal bike parking along a wall.
  • Alley Rack- A small wall-mounted unit that swivels 180 degrees and is meant for tight spaces.
  • Wall Rack- A standard double-armed rack that suspends a bike from its frame.
  • Compact Rack- A portable rack with a capacity of 8 bikes.
  • Event Racks- A larger version of the portable “Compact Rack” that holds up to 14 bikes.
  • U-Lockit- A small modular rack that allows for any lock to be used- particularly U-locks.
  • Meter Hitch- Easy to use, minimalizes its footprint by utilizing the existing structure of a parking meter.

Custom Bike Racks

If you’re looking for street art that couples as a bike rack, and can’t find a suitable option within the commercial line, it’s time to go custom. Dero offers a custom service where the designers will work with customers to achieve any possible rack design. 

Bike Shelters

What’s worse than an employee, after a long day’s work, coming out to his bike just to sit on a damp seat after a day of rain? Or kids getting out of school to ride their wet, slippery pedaled bike on the ride home?

Bike shelters are the solution to problems like this, and Dero offers several different solutions through 6 of their bike shelter units.

  • Veloport
  • Pocket Shelter
  • Bike Depot
  • Cycle Station
  • Vizor Shelter
  • Kolo Shelter

Each of these unit types does the same thing (keep bikes out of direct weather), but are all stylistically different. Each is worth a look over at the Dero Website.

Bike Lockers

Dero offers bike lockers that come in a variety of shapes, styles, and sizes, all geared toward suiting different special and aesthetic needs while keeping bikes under lock and key.

Their lines of boke lockers are:

  • Veloport
  • Dero Single Locker
  • Vertical Bike Locker
  • Two-Tier Bike Locker
  • Dero Double Locker
  • Bike Locker 300-Series
  • Bike Locker 350-Series

Miscellaneous Bike Products

Supporting their bicycle-centric units are a myriad of bike-related products such as repair kits, air pumps, tool kits, signs, and outdoor furnishings.

About Dero

Dero’s products are made in the USA. Their headquarters are in Minnesota, and they have 7 more regional offices throughout the country. Their services cover everything from a customer’s inquiry to the final installation of the finished product. 

Final Thoughts

Just because something is functional, doesn’t mean that it has to be dull to look at. After having a look at the products available from Dero, you’ll quickly see they’ve successfully found the sweet spot between function and style.

You can furnish a parking lot with a rack system that will either be an eye sore or an aesthetically pleasing addition to the environment. This company can certainly do both, but the creative engineers at Dero would undoubtedly choose to do the latter if they had any say on the matter.